Full Count: Book 1 of Geoff Larsen Series

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The Geoff Larsen series is a set of three books about fulfillment and what it can cost.

Book One: Full Count

Geoff Larsen was born with every opportunity available to him. Not only was he from a successful, wealthy family, but he was intelligent ??? not just smart ??? quick-witted, handsome, and athletically-inclined with a personality that drew people to him. Even as a child, he marched to a drumbeat that only he could hear, but his parade was happily shared with those around him. The loss of his twin sister at the age of seven, however, led him to question even the most fundamental principles of his faith, leaving him with a deeper faith that looked little like the one he began with. Beyond the new faith on which he based his life, he had two loves: baseball and surfing.

His love of the game began when he first stepped onto a baseball diamond. For most kids, that happened when they first tried out for Little League, but for Geoff it happened when, at the age of four, he stepped onto a diamond for his older brother???s try-out. He could still remember the day, how awed he was by the sheer perfection of the field: the perfectly-drawn white lines that captured his attention, the geometric symmetry that tugged at his depths, and ??? most importantly ??? the view down the alley from the mound. He knew the field was made for him and he was made for the field, and over the years they became the best of friends??? until greed and short-sightedness drove a wedge between them.

By that time, he???d discovered his second love, which made the parting easier to bear. He started surfing at ten years old. He loved the water, and was as at home in it as he was on a field. The repetitiveness of the waves reminded him of eternity ??? ceaseless, mysterious, and mind-numbing if considered too long. When he walked away from baseball, he decided his future lay in surfing because he believed more in loving what he did than in making money doing something he despised. For those who questioned his choice, he drove his point home by ignoring his family???s wealth. He wrangled a job managing a failing surf shop in Galveston, where he???d spent so many summers playing with the waves while growing up. Within a year, the business that everyone agreed was drawing its??? last breath was off life-support and breathing on its??? own. Within three years, it was earning profits on a regular basis and had become the most popular shop among those who took surfing seriously.

By the age of twenty-seven, Geoff had accomplished many of the goals he had in life. He???d managed to live long enough to graduate from high school; he???d gotten a bachelor???s degree in a subject he was interested in, but did nothing with, and had a job he loved. He had good friends with whom he shared good times and enough memories for ten lifetimes. What he didn???t have, though, was the one thing even his family???s money couldn???t buy: that one person with whom he could spend the rest of his life.

He didn???t want to marry for the reasons so many others did: because it was time, because they didn???t want to be alone, because they were expected to. He didn???t want to find someone to love; he wanted to find the one girl he was in love with before he knew her name or what she looked like??? the one created for him when he was created. He didn???t doubt her existence. He was patient, although he had a lot of fun while being patient. He never allowed himself to be distracted and led off his path though, and his patience paid off when he met Kelly McAllister.

The attraction between them was immediate, and it wasn???t long before they were inseparable. They would soon find, however, that extreme happiness comes with costs.


Book Two: Extra Innings

Book Three: Playoffs