From Amazon #1 author Michael Lindley, the sequel to suspense thriller LIES WE NEVER SEE.

Hanna was starting to believe she might have a future with Detective Alex Frank until his ex-wife returns intent on making up for past sins.

a following sea

It???s been over a year and free legal clinic attorney Hanna Walsh has tried to move beyond the betrayal and violent murder of her husband. Charleston Police Detective Alex Frank, who helped bring the killer to justice, is becoming more than a friend. Then Alex???s ex-wife comes back to town with a shocking secret and all of Hanna???s trust issues coming racing back.

When Alex???s father is charged with the brutal death of a rival shrimp boat captain and he digs deeper into the crime, he finds himself in the cross-hairs of dangerous killers. As Hanna tries to help with the investigation and defense of Alex???s father, she hangs on to a distant hope that she and Alex can get back together, but his cunning ex and a vengeful crime syndicate have other plans for all their futures.

Praise and Five Stars for A FOLLOWING SEA

???Once I started I couldn’t put it down.???
“A very good mystery and thriller. A must read.???
“I am a fan and will be eagerly an anticipating the author’s next book.???
???I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Lindley’s latest novel and highly recommend it.???
???I have read all your books and loved them all!???