Fantasy Fiction at its best!

The lunar heavens are in danger as an evil force threatens to take power, consuming everything in its path. A young goddess named Raya must learn how to awaken her power with help from the moon to reclaim her home. After gaining a star in the heavens and becoming a member of the zodiacs, who are sworn protectors of earth, she finds out that there is more to her world then she understands. Time is running short as she seeks the heart of a Kitsune warrior named Shiro, who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of her realm. A lesson of love and betrayal, she must face as she summons the help of five realms of gods. They had been banished from her palace thousands of years ago and wiped from the history. This action-packed emotional journey will test her fears and lives will be at stake as the battle of her destiny unfolds. Does she have what it takes to save the heavens and bring peace to the realms all while learning the truth that had been hidden so long ago?