Fall in love with Kami and Tye in this suspenseful romance enjoyed by readers of Nelle L’Amour and Patricia W. Fischer!

A woman who doesn’t believe in fairy tale romance and a doctor who is supposed to be finding someone he lost.

Kami is logical. And busy. As a social worker earning her law degree, she has already devoted her life to work. The kind of work that is worthwhile to help others. But when the perfect tall, dark, handsome, and sweet man comes into her life, her mind is soon to change.

Also known as Dr. Brenner, he is living his dream of being a pediatric doctor. However, a pull from his past is making his dream life less satisfying. A family tragedy ripped someone away from him he is eager to find. This is not the time to start a new relationship, no matter what his heart says.

Will fate force these two to give into a different future than they imagined, or will their independence tear them apart?