To laugh out loud!

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Marketing consultant Kelly Carson learns why not giving a fuck can be the path to self enlightenment.

Three weeks before Christmas, New York bound mild mannered Marketing Consultant Kelly Carson gets fired from his job over the telephone while sitting in an airline lounge in the Los Angeles Airport.

Terri Flynn, a fiery and controversial starlet who is running away to New York after walking off the set of her latest feature film, overhears Kelly???s unceremonious firing and becomes hell bent on transforming him from the Clark Kent he is into the Superman the impulsive actress feels he???s destined to become.

After their flight to New York is cancelled, Kelly and Terri take a last-minute jaunt to Hawaii, putting in motion a series of hilarious events and misfortunes that shake both of their worlds to the core, but not always for the better.

From romps on the beach and overindulging on edibles to swinger???s parties and diverted flights, Michael Carlon???s fifth novel, All the F*cks I Cannot Give, will have you belly laughing on every single page – and maybe even wishing you were in Kelly Carson???s shoes for just one day.