Darkness of the Lights: Prelude to Pariah

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With the nation still captivated by the acquittal of Colton Reynolds in Dallas, the ratings for The Nita Harris Show have never been higher. Her nightly condemnations of the man and the justice system which set him free struck a nerve in the American consciousness. But this is not the kind of journalism Sloane Myers signed up for when she graduated from Northwestern and joined World News Network.

Sloane decides to take matters into her own hands. When she comes across an exclusive about Reynolds which may shed light on the true nature of the pariah, she will stop at nothing to get at it. But the story may bring her more than she bargained.

The exciting second installment of the Preludes to Pariah, Darkness of the Lights, delves further into the world of Richard Howk’s upcoming novel Pariah. It continues the story of The Evil Among Us, and explores the effect of the media in the narrative of infamous persons. The Prelude trilogy will be completed this winter with the final installment, Embers of the Flame.