Recommended reading – Cowards Never Start: Iron Angel Series


Joan Bowman has a need to belong to something larger than herself. A veteran trained to the point of perfection, she belonged to the US Army and then to an underground resistance group. It was when she was a member of the militia, that she first met Wild Bill Torrence, the president of the Phoenix Chapter of the Demon Brotherhood Motorcycle Club. He fell for her and, after she fled Phoenix, he had every allied and support motorcycle club west of the Mississippi look for her. A year later, with her husband arrested and tired of being on the run, Joan turned herself in to the FBI. Knowing Bill Torrence???s soft spot for her, the feds jumped on the chance to make a deal to insert her in the DBMC as a confidential informant. Now all she has to do to get her husband out of jail is to gather evidence on the Demons???and not get caught.

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