History, Fantasy, and Magic!

Come Hell or High Water
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1356: A witch burns! Prague is cursed!
2002: The curse threatens to destroy Prague with a mammoth flood–can the professors find a way to defend and save the city?

It is the winter of 1356-7 and Nadezda, with the assistance of an elderly rabbi, confronts Lilith to discover the secret of the witch’s curse. Meanwhile, in August 2002, George and Magdalena help carry out the witch’s curse by conjuring the historic flood to wash away the Charles Bridge and its magical protection of the city, allowing them to unleash the devil Svetovit. Using the magic of tarot cards, the Evil Conference professors struggle to release the defensive magic buried deep beneath the streets of Prague. Finally confronting George, Magdalena, and Svetovit face-to-face, can the professors avert the doom that is engulfing the city?