A contemporary young adult reverse harem novel!

Everyone deserves a happy ending…At least the ???good guys??? do. That???s what the fairy tales want you to believe. But not everyone wants to live in a fairy tale. Not everyone believes in a happy ending. I certainly didn???t.

chess club


With the tragic loss of my mother and my grandmother, I was sent away to live with my evil Aunt Sara. I had a new home, a new school and a huge hole in my heart.

Trying to get back a piece of who I used to be before the tragedy, I decided to join the chess club. In my old school I was the geeky girl, the one who got straight A???s and never dared to break a rule. I was the girl who???d never been kissed and wondered if I ever would be. But when I was kicked out of chess club one fateful afternoon my life changed forever.

Because that’s when I met them…

The hot drama guys scooped me up and took me under their wings. Jason, Kevin, Mike, Billy and Steven were playing the leads in the school???s production of Grease and that’s where they shared something about themselves that they hadn???t shared with anyone.

I felt I was in a fairy tale with them…but the secret we all shared had the ability to ruin my new life???

Would we be able to live happily ever after or were we the ???villains????

** Chess Club Dropout is a contemporary young adult reverse harem novel that touches on first loves, cyberbullying, and other social issues.**

Ride along with the New Orleans Police Department as the officers work together to solve unusual happenings in this unique, historic city!

true blue detective

You???ll meet Zack Nelson, a former police officer, now living in a retirement center because of his daughter-in-law???s illness. While he???s not keen to move, he does so temporarily to help his son, Tom, and Patty cope with the medical issues.

Zack still got a lot of detective in him and senses that something is wrong with all the supposedly natural deaths that are happening, not only to his family but with the older folks who are seemingly in good health. He works with the police officers to help untangle and solve several ongoing crimes that seem to surround and affect him.

Along with his new roommate Dave, and two engaging sisters, Pearl Ann and Emma Lou (genteel Southern women), the foursome are involved with touring New Orleans, getting involved in social events, tasting an amazing array of New Orleans food and drink, participating in shoot-outs, and creating a few hijinks of their own.

This fast-paced story is filled with mystery, humor, international black-market sales, Southern charm, and characters you won???t soon forget. You???ll visit the French Quarter, the Garden District, the Warehouse District, and be a guest at an unusual funeral held in a true New Orleans custom.

This is the first book in the True Blue Detective series. The author, Vito Zuppardo, is a former resident and New Orleans expert who helps create a visual tour through the Crescent City that makes it come alive for the reader.

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“The Stone Thread”, a brilliant sci-fi thriller!

the stone

‘Veritas Vincit’ … ‘Truth Conquers’.
The World Governments lied to anyone who would listen, and then the
Great War happened. Now in 3000 AD control over humankind is complete.
Readers will ask questions, think critically, and find
themselves immersed in emotion in this post-apocalyptic dystopia thriller.
The World Council ensures survivors pledge a blind faith to a higher order. Obey
the prime directive…”The past cannot be discussed under penalty of death”, yet
whispers persisted that there was a land where exceptionalism allowed one to dream to be free of control.

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Sweet, funny, sexy, and satisfying!

After her fiance walks out just weeks before their wedding, Brie isn’t ready for another relationship. After her friends convince her that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, she decides to give something more casual a try. When the good-looking guy she has flirted with for years keeps popping up, she’s tempted. She may not be ready for dating, but Max is happy to offer her an alternative.??



Finding out your fiance is dating someone else is a real downer. What can I say? I picked the wrong guy. Gave him the wrong finger. Taking a break from dating seems like the logical choice.

There are some great things about being single. Going without… you know, s-e-x… isn’t one of them. My friends are trying to convince me that there’s an app for that, but it’s not working out so well. There is this one guy I’ve always sort of flirted with, though. For the first time since I’ve known him, we’re single at the same time. I’m so not ready to jump into another relationship, but maybe it’s time to find out if this friends-with-benefits thing can really work.


I have crushed on Brie ever since I first met her, but the timing was never right. Now, though, she’s single and so am I. Just my luck, she’s got me firmly planted in the friend zone.

When I find out she’s looking for something strictly physical, of course, I offer my services???I mean, what are friends for, after all? The problem is, the more time I spend with her, the more convinced I am that she’s perfect for me. I’m probably the only guy in history to ruin a no-strings-attached deal by falling for the girl.

Now, I’ve got to try to make her see I’m not like her jerk of an ex. If she’ll give us a chance, I know we could be great together. She’s under my skin, and if she walks away, she takes my heart with her.

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Another riveting installment in the Nicklaus Hart series!

the rusted

A pharmaceutical company promises you hope and happiness in a pill. Would you take it if it cost your relationship with God?

Dr. Nicklaus Hart returns from responding to a massive earthquake that rocked the Middle East, allowing an ISIS terror cell to enter the ancient area of Mesopotamia. Captured, tortured and blinded by the hands of the radical terrorists, Nick arrives home a broken man. He has lost everything he holds dear???his sight, independence, profession and most of all, hope. But at the bottom of the pit, God sends him a lifeline and restores his physical and spiritual vision.

Faced with reinventing himself, a pharmaceutical company in Singapore offers Nick a position on the dark side of medicine. The drug company???s slogan, Better Living Through Science, is actuated as it develops medications that manipulate the brain chemicals, but at a significant cost to the patient. Nick exposes the dangers of the drug in the jungles of Borneo amongst orangutans and the original headhunters???the ancient Iban tribe. Nick continues to dream, hope against hope???even when the outlook doesn???t warrant it???not looking for it in the lesser comforts of life or a medicine bottle, but by abiding in the truth, where he finds the greatest hope of all???love.

The Rusted Scalpel is the third book in a series of skillfully crafted medical thrillers. If you like fast-paced adventure, international settings, sizzling medical suspense, then you???ll love this heart-pounding thriller by Timothy Browne.

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Crafts, crime and cunning twists will keep your interest in this ingenious mystery!

second chance

At sixteen while on vacation in Florida, Cara Mia Delgatto lost her heart to Cooper Rivers. But her interfering parents didn???t approve. They moved Cara away from the Sunshine State and cut off all communication between the two young lovers.

In an act of rebellion, Cara makes a nearly fatal mistake???and almost destroys both her family and their business. To make up for her rash behavior, Cara spends the next twenty years of her life being ???a good girl,??? working in her family restaurant.

When her parents die within six months of each other, Cara decides to take a road trip and visit her son at University of Miami. On a whim, she buys a vacant building in Florida and opens a trash-to-treasure d??cor store. She believes with all her heart in second chances???but then Cooper Rivers walks back into her life. Can Cara and Cooper rekindle the love they felt that magic summer so long ago?

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A Change of Hart (Eddy Hart P. I. Mystery Book 1)

a change

Eddy Hart is a not so hard-boiled private investigator. Amidst blackmail, murder and political intrigue that pit Eddy against Nazi spies and the Los Angeles mob, he finds unexpected support from a wealthy industrialist and discovers his secretary is anything but a simple Iowa farm girl. Just like 1940???s America, Eddy???s world is about to change.

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The Man Behind the Legend

the legend

Word of mouth and a notorious reputation kept me flying high yet safely under the radar???a legend whispered between cubicles and stories told at bars.

At the end of the day, people didn???t know my true identity, but I felt good about what I did. I was proud of the number of relationships I???d helped resurrect. I had a skill that every woman needed to possess???and I was damn good at teaching them the ropes.


Old enough to love, too young to wed…

his highland

Old enough to love, too young to wed…

Sixteen year old Magnus Sinclair did not realize when he stumbled upon thirteen year old Deirdre Fraser he was meeting his soulmate. ??Three years of meeting at Highland Gatherings and Royal Hunts, along with countless letters, build an unbreakable love between Magnus and Deirdre, and they secretly pledge themselves in a handfast. ??When Deirdre???s parents discover their daughter???s actions, she is whisked away to become a lady in waiting to the queen as her parents??? status grows within the royal court.

A boy grown into a man determined to never surrender his love again…

Seven years of separation have not lessened Magnus???s love but have made him taste the bitterness of rejection. ??Sent to court as the Clan Sinclair???s representative, the last person Magnus thought to find is Deirdre Fraser, and the last thing he thought to learn is she will soon be betrothed–to a man other than him.

A girl grown into a woman willing to disobey to regain her lost love…

Deirdre has served the royal court ever since her parents pulled her from Magnus???s arms. ??She has been a dutiful daughter and dutiful companion to the queen, but she never let go of her love for Magnus or her hopes that they would be reunited. ??Stunned to find Mangus walking past her, Deirdre???s heart calls to him despite her parents??? political ambitions.

Caught between expectations and desire, Magnus and Deirdre must work together to find a way to finally build their life together.

Can they prove to everyone that they still belong together, that theirs was not a childhood infatuation but a love for the ages? ??Or will they have to defy those who attempt to control them, so they may fulfill His Highland Pledge?

Meet the members of Clan Sinclair in this fourth installment of the five-book Highland romance series. ??The Clan Sinclair features Mairghread and her four brothers, Callum, Alexander, Tavish, and Magnus. Each member of the Scottish clan faces challenges as they meet their fated match, but all of the Sinclairs find their HEA. ??Each novel in the series is a standalone, but they are best read together.

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A thrilling adventure!


During an all-out cyber-attack on the United States, Ted Higuera is inexorably drawn into the plot, making him a suspect. Can he stay out of the grasp of Homeland Security and discover who is behind this mysterious attack?

Ted Higuera, son of Mexican immigrants, is a talented cyber-security analyst who???s earned the nickname of ???Hacker for Hire.??? He and his posse dig deep into the Dark Net to discover who is trying to bring the United States to its knees.

Unfortunately, the cyber-terrorists know Ted is on their trail and set him up to take the fall.

Watch as Ted and company negotiate the twisted path that leads them to the bad guys.

You won???t be able to put this one down.

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