Emmeline, Bride of Arkansas by Carra Copelin


Emmeline Weidner arrives in Arkansas, after being left at the altar by her intended, a young man from a prominent Philadelphia family. Seeking to heal her bruised feminine ego, she moves in with her sister. While learning to cope with her new life, she discovers she isn’t content to live the life of a spoiled society woman. Can she let go of her new-found independence, when the right man comes along?

This book was previously published in the anthology Pistols and Poplin

Lincoln Bass returns to Flat Rock Point, Arkansas a year after the accident that almost cost him his life. His friend and former employer has asked him for help at the lumber mill. He is apprehensive, but feels he owes the man who saved his life. He decides to stay and help with the investigation to save the lumber mill, and face his anxieties. He’d planned on going back to his home in Little Rock, until he crossed paths with the most delectable, yet bewildering female he’d ever encountered.


NEW RELEASE! Beyond Spells, a fantasy romance story

beyond spells

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Mercedes Weaver inherits an ancient book of spells. She is told it was written by angels and given a warning, as well. She fails to heed this warning about the consequences of using the spells in the book. After Mercedes invokes an angel named William, the unimaginable happens—she falls in love with him. The closer Mercedes and William become, the deeper the situation escalates, and everyone she’s ever loved will be put in danger.

It all comes down to an inconceivable choice. If she hadn’t risked everything, she wouldn’t have met William and their love wouldn’t have gone Beyond Spells.

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The perfect binge-ready series for your summer reading list!

Katy Regnery’s New York Times bestselling Blueberry Lane series includes seventeen magical love stories in four distinct series: The English Brothers, The Winslow Brothers, The Rousseaus and The Story Sisters. This collection offers the first book in each sub-series to get you started on your Blueberry Lane binge!

a visit

Meet BARRETT ENGLISH, the oldest millionaire brother of the five handsome English brothers, and find out if he can capture the heart of the woman he’s always loved in BREAKING UP WITH BARRETT.

When BROOKS WINSLOW’s sister enters him into a bachelor auction, Brooks asks his friend, tomboy Skye Sorenson, to bid on him. But when she wins him, will Brooks end up losing his heart? Find out in BIDDING ON BROOKS.

JACQUELINE “JAX” ROUSSEAU hasn’t had the best luck with men. Do they love her for her money or for her heart? When she meets an injured cop who’s retired from the job, will he be able to see beyond her wealth and fame? JONQUILS FOR JAX holds the answers.

And when PRISCILLA STORY discovers she’s pregnant, she needs a baby-daddy. Who better to ask than her father’s #1 employee, Shane? He’ll be fast-tracked for a promotion and she’ll have the respectability her family desires. Except marriages of convenience aren’t always convenient in THE BOHEMIAN AND THE BUSINESSMAN.

Included in this collection:

1. Breaking Up With Barrett, The English Brothers #1
2. Bidding On Brooks, The Winslow Brothers #1
3. Jonquils For Jax, The Rousseaus #1
4. The Bohemian and the Businessman, The Story Sisters #1


Critical Praise for Regnery’s Blueberry Lane series!

“Katy Regnery is a fresh new voice. I eagerly await every Katy book and I tell everyone I know to read them!” –Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

“I have fallen head over heels in love with the Blueberry Lane series. Every book is better than the next.” — AC Book Blog

“This wasn’t my first trip to Blueberry Lane and, God willing, it won’t be my last. Every trip is an escape – like a spa treatment for my heart. It’s relaxing and refreshing and it just feels so good.” –Bookgasms Book Blog

“I am in love with all of Katy Regnery’s books and the Blueberry Lane series just gets better with each book.” –Kathy, My Nook Books & More


Intrigue,romance and fun OH MY!

the midnight

Sorrowful Springs is a quaint and quirky tourist town—small town America at its best. Cobblestone streets, courtyard gardens, and the best B&B in the Ozarks. It also seems the most unlikely of places for a secret, sophisticated crime-solving group to call home, but when some of the local residents were CIA and MI-5 agents in their younger days, anything is possible!
Even murder.

Rory Wyatt, resident waitress, taxi driver, and super sleuth had expected the toughest job she’d have this summer would be changing into the vintage costumes for the Edgar Allan Poe readings at her parent’s B&B. Now, two of the townsfolk are dead! Who would want to kill a sweet, kind-hearted janitor and an elderly librarian? And why is a US Marshal lurking his tall-dark-and-handsome self around town asking questions?

Time is ticking, and as things become more and more dangerous, it’s up to ‘The Midnight Social Club’ to unravel the puzzle before the killer strikes again.

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A fast paced thriller: Sow the Wind

sow the wind

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The election year of 2028 holds no great surprises. The current married, lesbian U.S. President has been a popular figure in the White House during her eight-year term. She has endorsed her Muslim Vice President to succeed her, and he is the odds-on favorite to continue the Administration’s progressive policies.

Pastor James Glazier faces other concerns than politics and the condition of the country, unaware of the dangers that Islam poses through America’s next president. His beloved wife, Janna, lies dying of cancer. His church, falling apart under his stewardship, wants him out. More critically, these and other challenges sorely test James’ faith. He’s moving toward the point of dismissing God in his life altogether.

When James joins forces with another pastor, who opens his eyes to the danger of their out-of-control federal government and the Islamicization of America, his life turns from difficult to impossible. Christian persecution rivals Nazi treatment of the Jews in the 1930s. Violence and anarchy, fostered by the government itself, are on the rise. Whether he wants to or not, James must confront this situation.

Nothing goes right for James. Then God whispers into his unwilling ears.

Legend: A Cinderella Retelling

War is waging at the border of the Kingdom of Dalry, but Cassie Alasdair is about to come eye to eye with an even more powerful enemy. 


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After the last war, when magic destroyed half the world, four queens were given the chance to rule in peace, abolishing the arcane use. The remaining land was split into four kingdoms, and harmony became the main objective. For a century, the Kingdom of Dalry has lived with its neighbors without issue, but that is about to change.

Living simply, as the new kingdom dictates, Cassie is used to the days of cleaning up after her annoying stepmother and diabolical step-siblings. For the most part, she’s able to ignore her father’s flighty dismissal. However, the approaching war and a new friend remind her of how much she misses the family she used to have.

Simon is on his way to enter the war and gain his father’s approval. He doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines while others fight the battles he’s more than capable of joining. When he meets Cassie, he begins to wonder what his life will look like after the war ends.

With her father and Simon gone, Cassie becomes involved in another war. An evil witch, set on revenge, takes her hostage. She’s the key to a spell more than two decades in the making. Her only choice is to go along with the plan until she can get free.

The witch has waited a long time to enact her revenge. In a kingdom where magic is outlawed, she had to go into hiding but not before she swore to retaliate against the man who broke her heart. With Cassie, she will be able to rely on a formidable opponent to deliver her vengeance.

Now, Cassie must find a way to defeat the malevolent witch and her resurrected adversary before she loses far more than her glass slippers.

*Updated with new scenes, format, and now novel length.*

I, Charles, from the Camps: A Novel


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In this powerful story, a young Ugandan on a quest to survive his unfortunate circumstances grudgingly becomes a rebel who learns that it is only he who controls the demons living within his soul.

Charles Agwok never asked to come into the world as a poor black African on the most terrible of continents. It seems especially unfair to him that it is a matter of chance whether he will sleep in a bed, find a job, marry, or die of hunger and disease. Yet although he never asked for his fate, now he must somehow find a way to survive it.

As he embarks on a coming-of-age journey to find meaning within a world that only recognizes violence, Charles does his best to endure the horrifying conditions that he and the other displaced people of Odek must face every day in the sprawling camps of northern Uganda. When a desperate need to find work leads him to the city of Kampala, Charles spends the next ten years as a bitter man frustrated with the unfairness of the world. Charles has no idea he has the power within to change his fate until he is reluctantly recruited to become a soldier in the Lords Resistance Army and must face his past as it rises up to meet him.

About the Author

Joel D. Hirst is a writer and novelist. He was a Fellow in Residence at the Council on Foreign Relations and a Fellow in Human Freedom at the George W. Bush Institute. Hirst is a graduate of Brandeis University. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona.


Road trip to another state of mind!

Under the guise of mentor and muse, a frustrated writer and her ambitious teenage protégé take an illicit summer road trip fraught with racial and sexual tension. This is a compelling psychological novel about social norms, artistic ambition, and obsession.

a mentor

Maggie Barnett works in the media center of a school in Flint, Michigan where she meets Taezha Riverton, an aspiring teenage writer. After discovering that Maggie is also a writer, Taezha turns to her as both mentor and friend.

Alone and childless, it’s not enough for Maggie to take Tae to restaurants and poetry slams. Although Tae’s mother has nothing against Maggie, she is less than thrilled when Maggie proposes to take her daughter on a summer road trip. Permission is never explicitly granted, but shortly after school is out for the summer, Maggie and Tae head for the Southeast.

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Romance, crime, and supernatural genres!

quest to the unknown

Quest to the Unknown revolves around up-and-coming Dutch reporter Jessie Golden, ready for her first holiday with business mogul and playboy Carlos Gomez, with whom she is engaged in a budding romance. Her journey begins when she finds a folder full of information on a mysterious woman named Nancy and her son Paul, leading her to an unexpected quest. Soon thereafter Jessie is confronted with a series of unexplainable supernatural occurrences. She realizes there is no such thing as coincidence, although she can’t unravel the true meaning of her quest nor her link to Nancy and her son.

At the same time Jessie believes Carlos’ father has ties with some questionable characters. Startled by a series of unexpected events she reaches out to Ed Turner, Carlos’ right-hand man. In order to protect the one she truly loves, Jessie starts an investigation that points to the murky world of the mob. When a stranger is constantly following her, Jessie’s life is in serious danger. Can the ones she implicitly confides in, still be trusted?

The first part of the Jessie Golden 21st Century Earth Series, introduces the main characters of the saga in an intriguing story of exceptional mother love, the far reaching consequences of choices in life, genuine feelings, blind faith and brutal deception, set in a multitude of countries in today’s fast moving business world.

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That Woman: Beating the odds in Colonial New York

. 2017 Book Excellence Awards Finalist for Fiction
. 2017 Winner 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading

that womanKidnapped in France and brought to America as an indentured servant, a young woman takes on the brutal merchant king of New York’s East River waterfront…
Illness suddenly deprives 17-year-old Sarah Da Silva and her older brother Jacob of a mother. Before Sarah has come to terms with that loss, her merchant father grows frail and increasingly desperate in the face of impending bankruptcy. On the rainy night their father scours the docks of Bordeaux, France, to make his final bid to save his family, his children are kidnapped and forced onto a ship bound for New York City where they’ll be separated and sold to the highest bidder as indentured labor.

Purchased by a grotesque merchant whose wealth, backed by a team of henchmen, allows him to dominate the chaotic East River docks, Sarah strikes back the only way she can. Vowing to never allow him to put his hands on her again, she presses a knife to his fat neck. She demands her freedom, a roof over her head and the means to start a business. Her leverage? Knowledge obtained on the voyage that would bring the big man to his knees forever. He yields to her demands but privately swears to become her worst nightmare.

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