Author Interview: Ciana Stone

It’s a pleasure to interview Ciana Stone,??author of her??new ebook release??Rangers: Silver-Star Seductions (A two book box set featuring sexy men who wear the Silver Star of the Texas Rangers).

Rangers by Ciana Stone

TBM: How do you imagine the ideal reader of your book?

CS: All readers are ideal ??? they all just have their own tastes.?? I imagine my readers being pretty much the same a me, someone who is romantic at heart but like to have a bit of danger and a smile or two thrown into the mix.?? We love our romantic love scenes and our ???just gotta have it??? scenes as well, but want more than just sex.?? The people have to matter and their story needs to be entertaining.?? We read to take a min-vacation from reality and when a book transports us into another world, we get to have that little break from reality.

TBM: How was the writer inside of you born?

CS: My inner writer evolved from art.?? I spent years doing fantasy art and each image had a story to it.?? The day my first child left for college I sat down on my patio with a notepad and started writing.

TBM: What genres do you work with and why are you attracted to these forms of writing?

CS: Almost all of my books have paranormal elements, and most of them have a cowboy or country guy.?? I like paranormal because I enjoy watching what happens when ordinary people encounter out of the ordinary beings or circumstances. The ???what if this was real??? things in life have always been the most interesting.?? I read my first mythology tale in the second grade and was hooked. The cowboy/county guy thing comes from growing up in the south in a small town where there were a lot of farmers, cattle and horse ranches./farms.?? Something about that down-to-earth man appeals to me.

TBM: As a reader, what elements of a story do you love, or do you hate?
CS: My biggest peeve as a reader is when a writer gives me too much:?? too much description, too much fighting, too much sex.?? Too much of anything can be tedious.?? I like stories that surprise me.?? The biggest treat of all is having that moment when I saw, ???Now I didn???t see that coming!???

TBM: What inspired you to write Rangers: Silver-Star Seductions and what do you hope your readers will take away from this book?

CS: Rangers: Silver-Star Seductions came about ??? honestly I don???t know how.?? One day I had a thought that popped into my head: a tough lawman who was just a little bit afraid of things ??? like rats and snakes.?? A few minutes later, Zeb was born and I was in love with him within minutes.?? For Kade, I was talking to a friend I hadn???t spoken with in a while and was told about someone who kind of went off the deep end and who???s behavior was dangerous to himself.?? I started thinking about things that would ???send me off the rails??? and the character of Cia Whitehorse was born. Kade came into being as the character who has the ability to balance her and also see through the mask she wears. He???s the alpha male who is willing to do whatever it takes to uphold justice and to protect those people he cares for.

TBM: How long did it take you to write this book and what did you do the day that you finished it?

CS: Zeb???s tale took me 8 days to write.?? When I finished I think I plunked down into the pool and read a book.?? Kade???s tale took me about three weeks and when it was finished I ??? wait for it ??? yep, plunked down on the couch on the patio and read a book.?? There???s rarely a better way to treat myself than that!

TBM: What would you like to say to your readers?

CS: To my readers I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.?? Since I???ve been a reader far longer than I???ve been a writer, I know that obligations and responsibilities take priority in life and often that means reading dollars are diminished.?? For every reader who has spent their previous reading dollars on one of my books, those people are my heroes and heroines and I am more grateful than I can express.?? I???ve thought a lot about it since I decided to go Indie and one of the decisions I made was out of appreciation for readers.?? I price my books low to make it easier on readers.?? Making money writing is wonderful, but I???d rather make a bit less and feel that I???ve done a good turn for readers by making my books as affordable as possible.?? It is the readers that matter the most.

CS: Hmmmm, a question of my own.?? Okay, my question would be ???How would you define the alpha male?????? And my answer is??? An alpha male doesn???t have to be the tallest, the strongest, the most handsome.?? What he must possess is an iron-clad will, an inner strength and determination that keeps him moving forward when others falter.?? An alpha male need not be surly, arrogant or abusive.?? He doesn???t have to yell or threaten. ??He has only to speak and the look in his eyes is enough to give you pause.?? He???s protective to those his loves and will give his life to keep his loved ones safe.?? He???s passionate and funny and can laugh at himself as easily as he does at anything else.?? He???s the kind of man I???d want to be if I were male.

TBM: Lastly, a direct message to the readers, about why they should read Rangers: Silver-Star Seductions.

CS: Rangers is, I think, a fun read, with some surprises.?? There???s love that comes as a surprise, and danger that threatens the love that is developing.?? It???s two stories of people caught in dangerous circumstance and in some instances with extraordinary elements that are way outside the range of normal.?? They are tales of what can happen when love becomes the priority.?? I hope you???ll enjoy them and thank you in advance.

Thanks Ciana!

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Author Interview: Karri Thompson

TBM: How do you imagine the ideal reader of your book?

KT: My ideal reader is someone who loves unique stories with a lot of twist and turns and romance.

TBM: How was the writer inside of you born?

KT: I???ve always had a passion for writing. I wrote my first short story when I was in third grade. I don???t remember what it was called, but it was about a lady bug that slept in a hammock made from a leaf. I even drew pictures to go with it. At SDSU, I took a class called ???The Writing of Fiction.??? I wrote a 25-page short story, and my professor actually called me at home on a Saturday to tell me he just read it and was blown away by it. I couldn???t believe it. Geez, I don???t remember what that story was called either, but his call inspired me to keep writing.

Kindle book

TBM: What genres do you work with and why are you attracted to these forms of writing?

KT: I primarily write young adult sci-fi. I???m a sci-fi freak who grew up watching Star Trek reruns and then The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I???ve always been fascinated with the unknown and the possible technology of the future. I would love to be a Starfleet officer. I also love Star Wars and Sherlock???Sherlock has nothing to do with Sci-Fi, but I???m obsessed with the show, so I had to mention it. Lol.

TBM: As a reader, what elements of a story do you love, or do you hate?

KT: I don???t like stories that are too predictable. That???s why MIRROR X is full of all kinds of surprises. I love stories with a strong main character who is a bit flawed but extremely likeable. The male lead also needs to be handsome (someone who can make a girl???s stomach do flips) and maybe even be a bit na??ve.

TBM: What inspired you to write MIRROR X and what do you hope your readers will take away from this book?

KT: Without giving away some of the major twists, I can say that I???ve always been intrigued with the idea of bringing back someone who died ??? not in the form of a Zombie (though I???m a huge fan of The Walking Dead) but as a new person with a new soul ??? if that makes any sense. There is one person in particular who I wish I had met, but he died before I was even born. If you want to know who this individual is, you???ll have to read MIRROR X J This person just might make an appearance.

TBM: How long did it take you to write this book and what did you do the day that you finished it?

KT: The initial first draft only took me about three months to write, but of course, it was really rough. It took another two to three weeks to self-edit. Then I switched manuscripts with my critique partner, so we could give each other feedback. It took another two to three weeks to go through my partner???s comments and make adjustments. Then it was finally ready to send to my agent, so she could give it a look before querying publishers. To celebrate the fact that it was agent-ready, I went out to dinner with my husband. It is such a great feeling to have a book polished and ready up to that point. But it didn???t end there. After it sold to Entangled Teen, there was a year???s worth of edits before the galley was ready. It really is a long process. I go through this with every book I write. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of patience, but it is so worth it to me.

TBM: What would you like to say to your readers?

KT: I would like to thank all of my readers for reading MIRROR X. Book two is on my editor???s desk. I can???t wait for all of you to read it! I am so anxious to begin writing the last book in the trilogy. My goal is to write books with powerful themes and plot twists. If you are a member of my street team, you will get a first look at book two. Yay!

TBM: How much research went into this book?

KT: A lot of research went into MIRROR X in terms of cryogenics and something else I don???t want to say because it will give it away. Let???s just say that I learned a lot about DNA in the process J I didn???t want any plot holes in the book, so I made sure that all of the medical information was correct. I even discovered a theory called ???ancestral memory.??? This concept comes out in book two.

TBM: Lastly, a direct message to the readers, about why they should read MIRROR X.

KT: MIRROR X is definitely a new twist on a dystopian future. If you are looking for a compelling and sometimes shocking read, this book is definitely for you.

Thanks Karri for this amazing interview!

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