Bright Moon: The Macawba County Pack, Book 1

Deputy Ryan Neely of the Macawba County Sheriff’s Department is alone in the world. His parents died in a car accident when he was a small child. He was raised by his paternal grandmother, his only remaining relative. When she dies just after Ryan’s high school graduation, he sells the family farm and uses the money to help him get through his B.A. degree then enrolled in the Highway Patrol Academy. When he graduated from the Academy, he returned to Macawba County to take a job in the Sheriff’s office. Ryan develops a reputation as a dog whisperer for the Sheriff’s office. As a result, Ryan is sent to investigate abandoned houses that may have been meth labs or other crime scenes where dogs have been discarded.

Instead of a dog, Ryan finds a gorgeous and naked youth chained to the wall of the basement. Black hair and green eyes, the young man behaves like a wild animal. He’s terrified and unkempt, trying to attack Ryan one minute, practically falling asleep on him the next. When Ryan frees him from the basement, his new friend refuses to leave his side. Ryan, unable to push his friend away, decides to name him Shane. Once Shane is clean and fed, Ryan realizes Shane is at least ten years older than the teen he thought he was. He decides that Shane can stay with him as long as he wants.

When Ryan comes home late one morning, he finds a large black wolf-dog on the threshold of his apartment building. He brings the dog up to the apartment only to find Shane not there. Shane reveals to Ryan his secret; he is a Wolf-shifter and was banned from his pack. When Ryan formulates a plan for Shane, as his Wolf, to become Ryan’s K9, Shane agrees readily. For a few months, Shane and Ryan are happy living and working together. Until one day Ryan gets a phone call.

The call is from Amleto di Lupo, Shane’s brother and alpha. Amleto exiled Shane but now wants him back. He threatens Ryan that he will kill Shane in front of him if he doesn’t give Shane back to him. Fearing for Shane’s safety, Ryan agrees.

Will Ryan ever see Shane again? Can Shane forgive Ryan for sending him back to di Lupo? When tragedy strikes, will Ryan’s life ever be happy again? (Kindle edition)