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1960s London. Kathy is a seductive singer. But she???s also human. Light knows his passion for her is reckless but he???s enchanted. Yet such a romance is forbidden. When the two worlds collide, it could mean the end. For both species.

When Light discovers his ruthless family???s horrifying experiments, he questions whether he should be slaying or saving the humans he???s always feared. What dark revelations will Light reveal at the heart of the experiments? Will he be able to stop them in time? The consequences of failure are unimaginable. Unless Light plays the part of hero, he risks losing everything. Including the two women he loves.

A rebel, a red-haired devil and a Moon Girl battle to save the world ??? or tear it apart.

Blood Dragons??is the explosive first instalment of the new fantasy series??Rebel Vampires??from the critically acclaimed author??Rosemary A Johns. Experience a thrilling new twist on urban fantasy with vampires, Rockers and romance.