Becklan’s Doll: Book 1 of the Crestemere series

Becklan Crestemere isn’t just any immortal Prince lingering between the void of life and death. He’s the most sought after bachelor in Crobania with a duty to his kingdom. But this duty comes with a price, along with an abrupt end to his bachelorhood. He must take a wife. As his uncle, the King, prepares to retire the throne, Becklan agrees to an arranged marriage until he’s gifted a blood-doll, his mate. With his future hanging in the balance, Becklan’s world shifts into a lust-fueled pandemonium while trying to save a kingdom from inevitable ruin. Audrina Henry suddenly becomes his obsession and the answer he’s been searching for all along. He doesn’t just want her blood, he want’s her in his bed, for good.