Back to You: A Hudson Family Series- Book 1- Synclair and Reece

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Synclair Patrick is having a crap week. A drug dealer burned down her bar and her apartment above it, a gigolo tried to rob her and to top it all off, she gets panicked text messages from her barmaid, begging for her to save her. So ending up in Carson City, Nevada- in the hands of the man that broke her heart fifteen years ago is enough to make this Vegas chick start swinging.

Reece Hudson has his hands full. With a successful Veterinarian practice, an ex-wife that won???t go away, three brothers who always seem to be into something and a baby sister who still believes in fairytales, Reese is shocked when the woman he loved fifteen years ago falls into his arms, Literally! He never got over Synclair and now that he has her in his arms, he???s not letting go. But Synclair wants nothing to do with him. He knows Synclair feels the chemistry between them. It will take every dirty Hudson trick in the book, a little blackmail and his whole family getting involved, but Hudsons never give up on one of their own and Synclair is a Hudson, she just doesn???t know it yet.