Do you believe that love can transcend time? Do you believe in reincarnation?

Jasper Davenne walked into the large ballroom and his presence was felt instantly. At six feet four inches, he was taller than most of the men in the room. His dark wavy hair was in stark contrast to his beautiful sea green eyes. Jasper had come home to Louisiana from London England, for the sole purpose of attending his parent’s annual soiree, the Sorcerers Ball. As he turned to face a gentleman trying to get his attention he saw her—the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The sight of Clarissa Trudeau took Jasper’s breath away. He knew the moment he laid eyes on her that she would be his forever.


Present Day
The sight of Charlotte Trudeau stopped James Donavan in his tracks. Why was he drawn to a woman that he had never met? He watched as her stilettos clicked across the tiled floor while she rushed for the elevator. The suit she wore, hugged all her curves as her long thick black hair swayed with her swift pace. James watched carefully as she entered the elevator and turned to face the front—then it struck him, he was looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He walked quickly to catch the elevator and got there just as the doors began to close.

Travel two hundred years through the dark world of sorcery where love, betrayal, and loss is thrust into their lives. Follow souls moving in time as the love of Jasper and Clarissa, James and Charlotte maneuver through space and time.

My love I will find, in another place, in another time.

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From the Award Winning Author of the Shattered Innocence Trilogy!

Beneath Deception

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Everyone has a story and for Xavier London, he preferred to keep his hidden. As ruthless as he was, he still had morals and those morals included betraying the one man who saved his life. He never thought that meeting one woman could change everything.
Tessa Sands never knew the truth about her life, nor did she ever question it. The only life she knew was the one she was taught, disciplined by the man who raised and groomed her to be only his. But, when another man entered her life, she slowly begins to discover that she had been deceived from the start.
Can she find true love or will his secrets get in the way?
Their love for each other will be tested. Only they can determine if love will win.

Contains adult situation, 18+

An emotional journey!

Wild Rugged Daddy

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Bear Paw Mountain is rife with urban legends.

When football superstar, Travis Thorburn, lost his wife in a car accident, he became a single daddy. Overcome with grief and overwhelmed by parenthood, he dropped out of the spotlight with his newborn son and hasn’t been heard from since. Journalists have been trying to find them for four years without success.

As Juliet Abrams sets out on an expedition to Bear Paw Mountain for her next article, she’s intrigued by the town of Cricket. Rumors circulate about the local recluse who flits in and out of their close-knit community with his little boy. Warnings to steer clear of the enigmatic stranger and the mysterious creatures that roam the mountains are rendered obsolete when her strong will and inexperience conspire to bring them together.

Travis can smell an intruder a mile away and track them down with practiced ease. The moment Juliet sets foot on his territory, he can feel her… and the moment their eyes meet, it stirs emotions that Travis thought died the day he lost everything—compassion, concern… and desire.

When Juliet realizes who her wild lover really is, will she expose him to further her journalistic career or will she be ensnared by this wild, rugged mountain man?

**This is a full length stand-alone romance with a happily ever after and no cliff hanger!**

Hilarious and Romantic!

Adirondack Audacity

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What happens when Lucille Ball runs smack dab into Marilyn Monroe; meet Ellen McCauley. Ellen wants to escape her demons, namely a step-mother named Helen, and her reputation as the school klutz. A fall down the stairs, in front of the entire varsity football team…while wearing pink polka-a-dot underwear, earns her the nickname “Dots.” And that’s just the beginning. So when a job as nature counselor at Camp High Point in the Adirondack Mountains comes up, it spells escape for Ellen.

Her hopes for an idyllic Adirondack summer do not include Vicente Rienz, the camp lifeguard, known to his friends as Vic. Born to an American mother, but a Spanish grandee by birthright of his Mexican father, he is all male, in denim and leather, aloof, arrogant, and very competent at……..everything. Ellen hates him on sight, until the sparks between them ignite into a passion not to be denied. A summer under the stars leads to unforeseen consequences and separation.

What began as a teenage romance is rekindled when Ellen and Vic reunite as adults. Seeking answers to the past, they return to the Adirondacks in a quest that turns dangerous for a dramatic conclusion.

Adirondack Audacity serves up the titillating flavors of life: romance, drama, hilarious hijinks, a little bit sexy and always fun.

Finally the “beach” read comes to the mountains. So grab a glass of wine, curl up in an Adirondack chair …and indulge! Did someone say…… Thirty Shades of Balsam?

Hold on for a heart-thumping, thrilling adventure through exotic lands in this fast-moving romantic suspense mystery!

People die, but legends live on.

Stolen Obsession

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New York antiquities appraiser Annalisse Drury recently lost her best friend to murder. The killer’s identity may be linked to her friend’s expensive missing bracelet—a 500-year-old artifact that carries an ancient curse, one that unleashes evil upon any who dare wear the jewelry created for the Persian royal family.

Weeks later, Annalisse sees a matching necklace at a Manhattan gallery opening. She begs the owner to destroy the cursed piece, but her pleas fall on deaf ears—despite the unnatural death that occurs during the opening. With two victims linked to the jewelry, Annalisse is certain she must act.

Desperate, Annalisse enlists the gallery owner’s son to help—even though she’s afraid he’ll break her heart. Wealthy and devastatingly handsome, with a string of bereft women in his wake, Greek playboy Alec Zavos dismisses Annalisse’s concerns—until his parents are ripped from the Zavos family yacht during their ocean voyage near Crete.

Annalisse and Alec race across two oceans to save his mother, feared dead or kidnapped. When the killer changes tactics and goes after Alec behind Annalisse’s back, can her plan to rescue Alec’s mother save them all?

This is a must read that you will not want to put down!

Carter and Anna

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Carter Sales is fifty, supremely confident, debonair, an ultra wealthy advertising executive with an impressive sailing yacht and a beautiful young wife. And yet he is virtually friendless, estranged from his adult sons away at college, and terrorized by his adopted children, ages 11 and 13, a package deal with his belligerent bride who he hides money from and who most assuredly is about to divorce him. Carter suffers from severe death anxiety, certain a heart attack will strike him dead though renowned heart specialists assure him his heart is strong. He takes cortisone shots for his aching back broken thirty-two years ago in a car wreck when he drove recklessly in a rainstorm, killing his high school sweetheart. Decades of drinking have not drowned his regret. His current hobby is watching with fascination a young woman, new to the neighborhood, sprinting along the lake near his home.

Anna Shields is thirty-two. At seventeen she was institutionalized and misdiagnosed with multiple personalities disorder. At eighteen she committed homicide. She was never accused of the crime. She’s concealed her unfortunate past from her husband, Tom, a rich lawyer with a bland personality, who supports her. Anna is unemployed by choice, generally bored, but now majorly stressed out. Her high school boyfriend, Johnny—who is also her stepbrother, the sole keeper of her dark secrets, and her longtime stalker—is out of prison. Violent and demented, Johnny served two years for beating the crap out of Tom.

Sprinting along a lake in her new neighborhood, Anna notices a creep in a white Mercedes watching her. Then she meets him. The arrogant and handsome and lustful Carter Sales. Initially, Anna’s only interest in Carter is the fun of tormenting him when he makes a pass at her. But when Johnny shows up, frightening and threatening Anna, as he’s done so many times over the years, Anna manipulates Carter, involving him in a wild scheme to get rid of Johnny.

The story is a tragicomedy played out by memorable characters. The uproarious events are contrasted with underlying tragedies and sealed with an unpredictable ending.

After the Rain: a quite an emotional journey!

When a child is born they’re a blank canvas. A canvas that is later molded by the influences of the world around them. Those influences determine that child’s future, but they are not always kind. Some of those children will enter adulthood easily, unscathed by the harshness of life, but for others, that journey is not an easy path to follow.

And then there are those, whose journeys are cut short.

After the Rain

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He only ever wanted ….. to fit in.
He only ever wanted ….. to be included.
He only ever wanted ….. to have friends.

Alec never wanted for anything.
His parents made sure of that.
But, what Alec desperately wanted, they couldn’t buy.
He just wanted to be normal……..

He could never see what the rest of us could.
Smart. Funny. Goodlooking. Sensitive.
Alec only saw what his mind wanted him to see.
And believed the false truths it told him.

BUT, I won’t allow him to become one of the lost, and when the clouds clear after the rain, I WILL make him see that he is everything WE believe him to be, and so much more……..

Nonstop action!

The End of the BeginningGet it on Amazon!

Tragedy. Death. Loss. That is all retired U.S. Air Force pararescuer Captain William Emerson has ever known. Both nature and man have controlled his life, and taken all he thought he was. Reduced to a shattered shell, William is ready to end it all when, after years of isolation, he is unexpectedly approached with a chance to begin anew. With Earth’s ecological systems nearing collapse, society finds within itself one final gamble to find its hope for a better future in the form of a new United Nations organization, called UNIRO, designed to rescue and rehabilitate the planet and its people. Swept back into the business of saving others under this new organization, William must first learn how to save himself in a new position that sees him struggle to become a leader again. As he trains and rebuilds his life within UNIRO, he finds strength through friendship, inspiration, and sheer human will, realizing he is not alone on his endeavors of recovery.

But UNIRO is not the only organization preparing to fight for change. A new sect of terrorist, formed from the inaction and corruption of an unjust system that serves only the powerful few, rises from the shadows of desperation and take matters of change into their own genocidal hands. Attack after attack begins to challenge the budding UNIRO and brings the planet closer to the brink. William is thrown back into chaos as suspicions of allegiances arise from within his own ranks and terror finds its way into the very heart of civilization’s final hope for survival.

A must read if you like a fast paced mystery!

Celilo's Shadow

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Guilt is a powerful force. No matter how much time has passed, it’s always there, ready to punch you in the chest when you least expect it. All it takes is something ordinary—a brief glance, a certain food, or a melody on the radio—and regret strikes hard and fast. For Odessa Feldman, the trigger is a Pacific Northwest storm.

When the muddy bones of a murder victim buried over fifty years ago are discovered in the storm’s aftermath, Odessa overcomes her long struggle with guilt to finally reveal the truth. But her overdue confession comes with a difficult price—reliving her role in the tragic summer of 1956 and worse, betraying the best friend she’d ever had.

Dessa and Ellie Matthews were both fourteen-years-old when they met that summer. Ellie’s father was a foreman at the dam under construction on the Columbia River. At least that’s what he said. But, like murder and the motives behind it, some things in life are rarely as they seem.

Another Cat Flaherty rollercoaster ride filled with thrills and chills!

Murder Strikes TwiceFREE on Amazon!

When her daughter dies in a tragic accident and the daughter’s husband’s second wife does the same, what is Eleanor Johnson to think? The police have ruled both cases accidents and closed them, but something doesn’t feel right. Is it possible to believe that two tragic deaths are mere coincidence, or was something more sinister at play? Who is Eleanor to call? Cat Flaherty.

Murder Strikes Twice, the second book in the Catrina Flaherty Mysteries, is based on an actual case that is still developing.

Catrina, who comes from a long tradition of police officers, joins the Port of Seattle Police Department. After leaving an abusive marriage, her ex-husband uses his position as a police sergeant to launch a campaign of sexual harassment to punish her.

Catrina sues the Police Department and wins the largest class-action sexual harassment settlement in history. She takes the settlement and opens her own Private Investigation agency, dedicating her life to helping other women who have suffered like her.

When Cat starts looking into the Barrett Case, something smells rotten. She and her team scour Seattle for clues as the pieces start falling into place, but can she make a case that the D.A. will take to court? Did Murder Strike Twice or will Brody Barrett get away with killing both of his wives?

Catrina is known for administering vigilante justice. Will Brody finally have to pay for his sins?

If you like Cat Flaherty, you have to read her first book, Mirror Image. Cat is also a major character in the Ted Higuera series of thrillers. Catrina is first introduced in Hacker for Hire and appears in all subsequent Ted Higuera books.