An engaging, moving, sexy & intriguing romance!

Penelope Blake is a world famous cosplayer with a quick wit, charming personality, and uncanny ability to find herself in danger. When she discovers a mysterious flash drive in a boot from the cosplay she wore at last month’s comic con—that was bombed—she decides to turn it in to her friend’s brother who works for ARC Angel Protection. Too bad he was a recent hot fling that was supposed to be a one-time thing.

Levi Foster left the military to work for ARC Angel Protection. Promoted after a few short years, he now manages his own team. Sharp, resourceful, top of his game…and able to avoid relationships like a champ. But when his sister’s sexy friend runs into some trouble, he’s determined to help. It has nothing to do with the fact they spent the night together a few weeks ago, or that it was so hot, so enjoyable he considered breaking his one-night rule. But this job is about the flash drive and possible threat to the people in his city, not his empty bed.

Working the case is easy, resisting their chemistry? Impossible, and soon they agree to a few more one-nighters. But when lust turns into something much stronger, Levi isn’t sure he’s ready…until Penelope disappears. Making sense of his heart won’t matter if he doesn’t save it first.