Fantasy story: Aetherhertz (Annabelle Rosenherz – Trilogy Book 1)

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Baden-Baden 1910

Since the turn of the century, a substance called ??ther is rising from the waters, and it is changing the world. A blessing for the industry, a curse for the people, because some of them are being changed into creatures from fairy-tales and legends. The so-called ??Corrupted?? are haunting the green mists, and therefore hunted and locked up in jails or asylums.

In the famous spa town Baden-Baden, young women are being poisoned by a mysterious substance. While investigating the case, Fr??ulein Annabelle Rosenherz uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the whole Grand Duchy of Baden.

But she is in grave danger herself, because she has a secret of her own, and while she tries to solve the murders, she finds rejection and people obsessed by power, but also love.

A steampunk novel set in the beautiful town of Baden-Baden: dally with us under the brightly lit gas lanterns, wander along the Lichtenthaler Allee, past the stately Casino towards the first class hotels and fashionable gathering places of the high society, but also towards the perilous secrets thriving on the dark and misty heights of the Black Forest.