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Tanzy Hightower is no longer alone, but she???s never felt more isolated. She is surrounded by fellow candidates who also faced death, and endured the same grueling process to survive. But Tanzy is not just a candidate, she???s the victor, destined to marry Asher, the immortal king of the Unseen World, and bring forth his child. Her fellow candidates are willing to sacrifice everything to keep her hidden until time runs out for the king to make his move, for this lifetime at least.

Tanzy is also tormented by new regrets, including her trust in Vanessa, which leads to a betrayal with fatal consequences, and her decision to leave Lucas in the hands of the vicious king. No one else considers saving Lucas worth the risk. But he???s the one ally Tanzy has who wants what she wants: to attack Asher, and end the cycle of candidates, death, and forced reincarnation once and for all.

Will Tanzy be able to convince the others to abandon the plan they???ve pledged their loyalty to, or will she once again be on her own against an enemy no one can kill?