A heart-tugging romantic comedy!

A surprisingly whimsical story that would leave you smiling days after you finish reading it.
Courting Pippa
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Since joining the New South Wales’ Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit as a desk jockey, Pippa Mitchell has made a rule for herself: She won’t date cops. Even her crush, Officer Paolo Joshua Domini, was off limits.

Over time, their friendship had deepened to the point Josh called on his childhood friend, ex-girlfriend Abigail Senna to help sort out his feelings for Pippa. His visit revealed Abigail was dying with a few months to live. Her concern was for him was to experience life fully and to find lasting love.

After the time spent with Abigail, Josh was convinced it was time to pursue Pippa, the woman of his choosing. Would he be able to convince her to give him a chance?

Pippa continued to play hard to get and kept him at arm’s length, but he was drop dead gorgeous, adork-able, and funny. Would she be able to keep resisting him? Or would she fall for his charm?

This exquisite tale of love and friendship is swoon-worthy and addictive!.