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Amiable librarian Kelly Sharpe is unlucky in love. After a series of near-misses, she’s surprised when romance blossoms from the unlikeliest of sources – Marty Brower, her trash man, a former stockbroker who left Wall Street for a simpler life of rustic bliss. But Marty’s got a troubling secret, which could trash their relationship – unless Kelly can help him to face his past, when disaster strikes the scenic enclave of Rancho Allegro.


Recommended reading – Arms of Grace book 1 and 2

A lonely, troubled nurse. A mysterious abandoned baby. What will she risk to save him? The thrilling first book in the award-winning ARMS OF GRACE series! GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Grace Ward’s sterile existence is thrown into chaos when a baby is abandoned in her ER. From the instant a strange woman thrusts the infant into her arms and disappears, Grace’s life is transformed.
She names the baby Johnny. His identity is shrouded in secrecy, and even with a trained staff treating him, his life hangs in the balance. As Grace grows more devoted to him, major events threaten their bond and his life. A deadly infection sweeps through the hospital, Johnny’s mysterious origins affect his future, and Grace’s personal life grows increasingly complex. When Johnny’s prognosis creates an ideological chasm that leaves the hospital staff on opposing sides, Grace refuses to bow to the mounting pressure that could destroy her career and even her life. Her vow to rescue Johnny is the beginning of a journey to heal the scars of her past and create the bright future they both deserve. What will Grace risk to keep that promise?

From the author of the award-winning novel, ARMS OF GRACE, comes the thrilling sequel, LITTLE LOST THINGS! GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Just when Grace Walker finally achieves the stable, happy life she’s always dreamed of, a dangerous character from her past resurfaces and her life spins out of control.

The freefall begins when Johnny accidentally uncovers Grace’s lies about his past, and their bond suffers a near-fatal blow. At that moment, the kidnapper who got away with abducting Johnny as a baby resurfaces and lures him into her trap.

As Grace frantically searches for Johnny with the help of the FBI, she’s forced to put aside feelings of betrayal and rely on those closest to her in order to succeed in her quest. She must dig deep and gather her strength to weather this most menacing storm yet.

Book I in the thrilling post-apocalyptic survival trilogy SHATTERED SUNLIGHT!

If you like fierce heroines, emotional upheaval, and heart-pounding adventure at the end of the world, then you’ll love this thrilling new saga by award-winning author E.A. Chance.

Navigating life is no picnic for young widowed surgeon, Riley Poole, so when a global solar flare strikes – destroying the power grid and stranding her in Washington, D.C. with her teenage daughter – it will take near superhuman courage to find safe harbor in a world gone mad.

With the help of a brilliant but quirky cardiologist named Coop, Riley must conquer her fears, traverse hundreds of miles of frozen terrain and survive hostile confrontations to get her daughter, Julia, to safety. Will she have the strength and determination to ensure they survive?


A beautifully told love story about second chances in life!

We had one brief encounter 15 years ago when we were both teens.

Now, he’s back home, looking like he wants to finish what we started—but the obstacles seem insurmountable. He’s my boss’s son, and his father has sworn me to secrecy about things his children know nothing about. When he forces his son and me to work together, his son thinks he can control me at work and at home. He doesn’t share well with others, and he makes that crystal clear to any man who looks in my direction.

It doesn’t help that he has his own personal baggage that could throw a wrench in us getting to know each other again.

Can we get past the secrets and jealousy trying to tear us apart? Or were we doomed from the start?
Jr, how can I make you understand, It’s Always Been You?


Will the love of these two finally win out, or will they both crash and burn, tearing each other apart?

Three people Tye could lose and a woman who will no longer be fooled.

Feeling betrayed, Kami finds out that Tye has used her. He used her to find answers he needed, and it makes her wonder if she should have ever let him in at all. Now, she doesn’t want life with him or without him.

He knows he has a lot to make up for, but he had no choice but to do what he did. He needed to get his sister and niece back, but now he is facing more than he ever bargained for. Everything is not peachy in his family just because he got what he wished for, and navigating family drama and trying to get the woman he might have loved to listen to and forgive him is becoming impossible. Faced with another choice, what will he do?

Will the love of these two finally win out, or will they both crash and burn, tearing each other apart?

This emotional romantic suspense will keep readers of Ann Omasta and K.C. Crowne wondering what will happen next. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY.

Tina and the Big Bad Wolf and Other Stories

Just past the Philadelphia city limits there are a cluster of neighborhoods no one on the outside pays much attention to. It’s a nice place to live, with ballfields and takeout joints around every corner. The people who’ve raised their families for generations in the rowhomes and brick houses teach their kids to work hard and keep out of trouble.

But some people aren’t interested in staying out of trouble. There are fortunes to be made in the backstreets and shady barrooms, if you can stay alive long enough to get your hands on it. Here are four stories about the restless souls who have struck out from the safe path and traveled down a long, dark road.

The Devil’s Run
Gaetan was one of the kids that neighborhood parents warned their children to stay away from. He and his friends hung out in the woods by the little creek that cut through town, the one they called the Devil’s Run. Away from prying eyes, they had the fun that only bad boys can know.

But Gaetan isn’t a kid anymore. He’s a veteran of a hundred shady deals, a gangster with skills you only learn from years on the streets. He should be off somewhere enjoying his easy money, but instead he’s back in the old neighborhood. Of all the dark secrets in Gaetan’s past, the one that may destroy him is the one that began when four friends went into the woods for some fun.

The Dead Pond
Sunshine Sam’s was the hottest joint on the Jersey Shore. The rich and powerful partied side by side with bus drivers and soda jerks, all of them moving to the outlaw music called “rock and roll.” To Marty, a poor kid from a farm town, Sunshine Sam’s was more than just a playground. It was the only school he would ever need.

Then one day, Sunshine Sam’s closed it’s doors. Nobody knew why.

Fifty years later, Marty has returned to the Jersey Shore. Now an old man, he is the only one left who knows the secrets of Sunshine Sam’s. The spilled blood and broken dreams follow him around like ghosts. Gorgeous women. Jealous boyfriends. Mafia bosses. The skinny kid survived them all, and today is the day Marty tells the story. (This story was originally published as a standalone.)

Tina and the Big Bad Wolf
Tina is a good stripper, but she has plans. Taking sports bets off her regulars seemed like the perfect way to make some real money. Of course, a petite young woman in a g-string just isn’t intimidating enough to make the troublesome customers cough up the cash, so Tina gets her ex-boyfriend, Joshua, to help her out. In one night, the two of them will try to collect on Tina’s debts without driving one another crazy. (This story was originally published as a standalone.)

The Tarleton Way
Alexander has noticed strange things occurring in the park near his house. Odd people are going in and out of the woods at all hours, driving big trucks and acting in ways Alexander doesn’t understand. That park is the scene of his favorite memories, when his young family had their happiest days. It is also, Alexander hopes, a gift to the future of Tarleton, his struggling hometown.

Things get stranger when Alexander gets a knock on the door from Bobby, a kid from the neighborhood who has returned from an absence of almost thirty years. Now a grown man, Bobby assures Alexander that everything is fine. It’s all being done “the Tarleton way,” under the code of conduct which Alexander and the old folks taught the kids when they were young.


NEW RELEASE! Love Triggers: Kente & Sanala

I was raised to kill. The Old Man groomed us to be cold-cut hit-for-hires, to take lives without a question. I’ve lived that life for years, played with death quite a few times, and survived. Now I’m on a new path of life and experiences, the road to love. And just when I’ve got my heart set on a woman that I want, the life I left behind comes knocking. I will do everything that I can not to open that door, but when she’s put in harm’s way, there’s no question as to what I’m going to do.

The only question is, will death finally win, or, for the sake of love, will I come out on top?


A powerful new novel that will etch its way into your mind, and ultimately your heart!

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree (2015)
Kindle Book Award Nominee for Literary Fiction (Finalist) (2015)

My Name Is Thank-You allows us into the world’s of two very different thirteen-year-old girls. Each girl’s voice carrying its own unique tone, as they beckon us to follow magically into their lives. One is a joyous story of hope against all odds, the search for acceptance, and the longing for unconditional love; the other a sad tale of unspeakable abuse, constant rejection, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Thank-You and Josephine creates around us, a world rich with emotion, one that will leave you inspired, breathless, and yearning for more words.


A new dark romance from the author that wrote Reapers and Roses!

When I saw those two lines on the stick, I thought my life was over.
Not just by anyone, but by the man I loathe.
Jackson. The Mute.
I loved the baby more than my next breath, but I couldn’t keep it.
My life has always been vicious tilt-a-whirl of hardship, and I had nothing to offer.
Then disaster strikes, and clarity hits.
I want this baby.
Only it might be too late.
My life turned on its axis when I knocked a girl up.
Not just any girl, but my best friend’s girl.
The best friend who bled out in front of me and whispered his love for her with his last breath.
I didn’t want it. I didn’t want any of it.
Until I did.
My life hasn’t been easy. It’s always been a struggle to survive.
But I’ll fight until my last breath if it means getting what I want.
I’m just not sure if that’s enough.

The Mute and the Menace is a new series connected to the Grove High series. It is highly recommended that you start with Reapers and Roses. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

This book contains mature themes and triggers that might make some readers uncomfortable. Foul language, criminal activity, drug use, and physical abuse are included in this book.

Shepherds of Destiny: Book Two – Challenging the Fates

Evil forces, both natural and supernatural continue to attempt fundamental transformation of the free world’s cultures, independence, and national sovereignty. These attempts to enslave humanity promote the growing establishment of government as supreme master.  The fight against this evil continues in the past and present in Shepherds of Destiny, Book 2, Challenging the Fates.