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What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth—the whole truth?
Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out. He’s running on a platform of honesty and transparency—and against the advice of his friends and advisers he’s decided to start with himself. His autobiography will lay his entire life bare before voters just days before the election.
And what a life he’s had. Born in a commune and named Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood as an angry shot at his absent father, Richard grows up in the spotlight, the son of an enigmatic fugitive and the grandson of a Republican senator. He’s kidnapped and rescued, kicked out of college for a prank involving turkeys, arrested in Hawaii while trying to deliver secrets to the CIA…Dick Nixon Youngblood’s ready to tell all.
He’ll even tell his readers about the Amandas—three women who share a name but not much else, and who each have helped shape and define the man he’s become.
Are voters really ready for the whole truth?
Are you?
Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who is full of surprises.

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NEW RELEASE! Igniting the Phoenix: Weapon of War Book One


That which is perceived is not easily forgotten. A well-constructed plan secretly heaves Lucius from solitude and into his next assignment. He’s ordered to watch the general’s daughter. The catch, he’s a hidden soldier battling imprisoned dimensional enemies in a war Josephine knows nothing about. Secretly camouflaged, nonexistent during combat, and without evidence, Lucius lives in Josephine’s cabin protecting her. Only when developing a crush, things change. Through an erroneous rescue, Lucius is revealed to Josephine after eighteen months of surveillance. Now, he must maintain his hidden identity for as long as he can, as those he had been fighting have finally found a key to freedom.

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If you like fantasy, action-adventure and romance, you’ll enjoy this novel by Cassandra Finnerty!


In 1772, Lady Aisling inherits an army of men and a fleet of merchant ships.
But her greatest legacy is her new powers — the ability to control sky, earth, fire and water.

Thrust into a new world, she is now part of a secret society, serving as ambassador to kings and courts around the globe.
Hurled onto distant shores, she meets her greatest challenge – a warrior prince whose love is so fierce that it threatens to destroy both their lives.

Together, they face ruthless enemies and royal intrigue, fighting for their very survival, and a chance for enduring love.


A captivating epic fantasy!


Hollis studied her face in the light of the campfire. “So, how does a shepherd girl find herself in the Forest of Fondair, heading to the Kiatri to lead a crusade against the Fontre?”Cassai had untied her braid and was unraveling it. The curls tangled themselves around her small fingers. “Not a crusade, war. Lashai belongs to us. We were a free, peaceful people under the Namarielle. The land flourished, and the people had plenty. The Fontre took everything: our herds, our crops, our money, they even burned down our churches. Why would they do that?”Her gaze had fallen into the darkness between the trees, and Hollis assumed this was a rhetorical question. “So, we’re going to fight them; our small band of Keepers and anyone else we can find to join us will fight for our Lashai. And if no one else joins, I’ll fight them alone. I just can’t live as their slave. I won’t.”



“Enthralling from the first page. First love falls foul of a banshee curse in a mesmerising twist on Irish mythology.”


Sara Donovan is a banshee. Well, that’s what her father says. Her mom just thinks she needs a good psychiatrist. When she wakes the morning after her eighteenth birthday screaming her head off outside some stranger’s house, she’s inclined to believe her dad’s side of the story. She can’t control her shrieks – not when they happen or who dies – but things could always be worse. She could have a crazed madman determined to kill her, thanks to her newfound talents. Or, she could find out her long-time crush is the next to die.

Ridley O’Neill isn’t exactly unaware of Sara. As a long-time patron of her father’s diner, he’s watched her grow up. Now that she’s eighteen, she’s not the gap-toothed kid who used to serve him sweet tea. His current thoughts would send her mother the mayor into an apoplectic rage, since his family might as well have built the wrong side of town. Also, there’s a chance Sara is crazy. She’s convinced she’s a banshee and he’s on her hit list. Still, he can’t stay away from her, protecting her from a dangerous legacy, even knowing that her life saved means his is forfeit.

What can unbind the ancient banshee’s curse? With time running out, Sara and Ridley must choose between chasing answers and chasing love.


A Great Story for Children, The Invisible Realm (A-maze-ing Adventures)


Stepsisters Hattie and Dacey embark on a treasure hunt and soon discover a hidden world where they encounter fairy tale characters, struggle through a maze filled with intrigue and danger, attempt to save their new friends from the evil that threatens their realm, and in the process, learn what it means to be “real” sisters.


In the not-so-distant future . . . and if a cult could rule what remains of the world . . .

the fallow
While Portsmith is undergoing its annual Delinquency Purge, Herald and his team of rebellious writers–Virtue, Law, Blasphemy, Parody, Doxy, Hearsay, Gospel, and Corollary–are hiding in the watch room of a lighthouse. Their island sanctuary, provided by the one they call “Captain,” is almost too good to be true. The ocean views are breathtaking, the apples are ripe and fresh from the orchard, and Herald hasn’t had a problem keeping warm at night.

But Herald can never escape the truth. Their crimes are punishable by death or the unthinkable, and Herald is at risk more than anyone. And Virtue, the girl he is completely and recklessly in love with, must conform to the Maineland’s polygamous tradition or risk becoming Fallow, a barren lifestyle a woman must endure if she refuses to play by the rules. Though Virtue’s charm and beauty are entrancing, any husband she desires surely in her power to obtain, she’s forced to make an immediate decision–love or material comfort. But has she forgotten? She’s a woman and “choice” abandons her. It’s all one nightmare or another. Her fate is in God’s hands, and in Portsmith, that isn’t very reassuring. . . .

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If power corrupts… why am I giving him complete control over me?

Adam and Jenna are both haunted by secrets – and a murder in the heart of Washington could expose them all.



Washington, D.C. isn’t Jenna Booker’s city, and crowds are definitely not her thing, but when her editor sends her to cover a fundraising gala, the journalism student finds herself unable to resist Adam Stone. He’s a dark-hearted and driven billionaire who wants to tear his way through the entire political system – and who takes women for his pleasure and gives nothing in return.

When he shows Jenna what hides behind the desperate ambitions and picture-perfect lives in the world’s most powerful city, she finds herself falling into a world she never knew existed – just as she’s falling for Adam.

Book One in the Submitting to Him dark romance series is 50 Shades of Grey meets House of Cards in a seductive, explosive thriller.

This is Book One in the Submitting to Him contemporary romance suspense series. Submitting to Him is an ongoing novella serial and contains cliffhangers.