Engaging & frightening true crime story.

Escaped KillerFREE on Amazon!

When this killer was on the loose, citizens were vigilant, yet scared. Children were not allowed outside to play without adult supervision. But then he was captured, tried, convicted, and put away for life in prison. The community could finally breathe again.

They are out of danger.

Until the day the convicted killer escapes prison and rains terror upon anyone and everyone in his way. The manhunt pursues, the killer kills, and earns the title of a serial killer.

This is the story of Allan Legere???a monster.

Never Work Again: Work Less, Earn More and Live Your Freedom

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Welcome to a very different kind of business book.

Never Work Again??shows you how you can build??a successful and profitable business??without the long hours and high stress that most entrepreneurs suffer from.

Trust me ??? I???ve been there and it???s not fun. In the months after I started my first business I didn???t know any better. My business was making me ill, but I was too wrapped up in what I was doing to spot the signs let alone to do anything about it.??That is until the day I found myself on a London tube train begging a stranger to call me an ambulance and thinking I was going to die.??That was my wake-up call. Luckily I got a second chance.

That day I realised that??life is short and precious??and I made a decision that if I pulled through I was going to do things differently. I decided to restructure my business efforts so that I could live life to the full.

What I decided to create for myself was:

  • A business that??I could be proud of
  • The??financial freedom??to live the life of my dreams
  • The??time freedom??to do the things I love and to be with the people who matter most to me

And now I want to help you do the same.

After all, deciding to start your own business is something you do because you have a vision of a better life for you and your family.??It???s your chance to take control and live life on your terms.??And done right??it will give you??the financial freedom and the time freedom to do the things you love,??when??you want to do them and??with??the people who matter most in your life.

Never Work Again will show you how to create a business that gives you the time to work on your own passions in life.

In short, a business that allows you to??work less and earn more.

Starting Your Virtual Business:

Never Work Again??shows you how you can easily start your own??no-money down virtual business????? a business that will??make you money online??and??allow you to quickly achieve financial freedom and time freedom.

  • All you need to do is choose from a number of??simple blueprints??and follow the one that???s right for you
  • You will learn how to??create positive habits??that will free up your time and allow your business to grow more quickly than you ever thought possible
  • You will be able to??work from home or work virtually from anywhere on the planet????? what???s your favourite city or beach?!
  • And you will learn??how to??automate and outsource your business, leveraging other people’s time for your own benefit so that you can start living the life you really want

But more than this, Never Work Again explores what it means to live a truly happy and fulfilled life ??? to??really live the life of your dreams. It encourages you to examine your own motivations and desires in order to??determine your true purpose and path in life ??? so you can discover what freedom really means for you.

Remember,??your time is precious????? in fact, it???s the most precious resource that you have. Don???t waste another second of it doing things that you don???t absolutely love. Learn how to start creating the life of your dreams today.


???Sometimes we choose to forget the things in life that hurt us the most.???

Thirty DaysFREE on Amazon!

What has Abigail forgotten? What has been erased?
Plenty, apparently…
Abigail, the self-proclaimed hexed, is falling apart at the seams. She???s mad at the world???at the series of doors that continue to slam in her face. Most of all, she???s mad at herself.
When her best friend Sammy interferes in her spiral of self-loathing with an intervention, she finds herself entering through the door of a successful law firm and right into Marcus??? lap. Literally.
He???s sophisticated, funny, alluring???but also underhanded. There???s something else about Marcus that Abigail never expected. Magic.

Thirty Days – Part One, is just the beginning of one amazing story that has twists and turns you’ll never see coming.

Recommended reading: Seeing the World Anew

Seeing the World AnewGet it on Amazon!

A mother and child in danger.
A man shunned by the world.
A tear-stained letter from home.
All set off desperate searches to find safety.
In early 19th century Bohemia, Ezekiel Benzion is admired and feared as the leader of the Revengers, a band that delivers justice for their community. Between his bloody missions, he seeks peace on his farm with his family. But, because of his notoriety, “The Farm” has also become a haven for refugees fleeing the terrors of the world outside its gates. Ezekiel is used to giving orders but now he finds that no one listens to his commands.
Not his sister, who hides the truth about her marriage.
Not his brother-in-law, who disguises the return of his demons.
Not his new “brother,” afraid to leave his past behind.
Not even his wife, who suddenly has secrets from him.
Until there is a threat against a child. And a man asks for sanctuary. And Ezekiel learns how to show people the paths they could take by sharing his own struggles to find personal peace.
From the award-winning author of “You Shall Know Our Names,” comes another tale of struggles to find a path to personal peace and safety in a world that will not accept differences among people.

Beautiful Story!

ComeFindMeSageParkerFREE on Amazon!

For nine years Maeve Parker has been waiting for her mother to come home.

???I???ll be back soon, my darling,??? her mother, Sage, said the day she left. ???Don’t you worry. I just need to go find myself.???

Do you have to run away in order to find yourself? Maeve wondered. When, exactly, do you know when that self you were so desperately looking for is found?

Now Maeve is sixteen-years-old and Sage still hasn???t returned.

Fiercely independent and disillusioned, Maeve has grown up with her mother???s ex-boyfriend as her only companion. Giving up all hope of Sage???s return, she convinces herself that mothers???and people???are unnecessary. When she meets Ky and Levi, she is adamant about keeping them at arms length. But Ky, the only true friend Maeve knows, and Levi, the boy with the startling blue eyes, crash through Maeve???s walls.

Then one of them is wrenched away???permanently. And Maeve is left dangling with the final words they left behind: go find Sage Parker.

Follow Lloyd Palmer on his quest for the ultimate truth in the provocative thriller, The Genesis Files.

The Genesis Files

FREE on Amazon!

Lloyd Palmer is a reporter for the Houston Ledger, a job which should have fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a journalist. But, along with being exhausted from the daily coverage of murders and mayhem in the nation???s fourth largest city, he???s hit a glass ceiling at work, and his editor, Ed Jackson, goes out of his way to make Lloyd???s life miserable.

While interviewing potential witnesses to a murder-suicide at a Houston high-rise, Lloyd meets a mysterious stranger who subsequently leads him down a path which changes his life. But Lloyd???s journey is fraught with peril, as both he and his family barely escape a hired assassin.

What an Emotional Ride!

Wish You Were HereGet it on Amazon!

You know when you???re looking at someone and you can???t help but smile at how oblivious they are to their own charm? That???s what was happening to me, and it was making me feel???happy. Euphoric. Something indescribable. It was like we already knew each other, like we had met in a previous life. Memories that didn???t exist began exploding in my mind like fireworks.??

Charlotte has spent her twenties adrift, searching for a spark to jump-start her life and give her a sense of purpose. She???s had as many jobs as she???s had bad relationships, and now she???s feeling especially lost in her less-than-glamorous gig at a pie-and-fry joint in Los Angeles, where the uniforms are bad and the tips are even worse.

Then she collides???literally???with Adam, an intriguing, handsome, and mysterious painter. Their serendipitous meeting on the street turns into a whirlwind one-night stand that has Charlotte feeling enchanted by Adam???s spontaneity and joy for life. There???s promise in both his words and actions, but in the harsh light of morning, Adam???s tune changes, leaving Charlotte to wonder if her notorious bad luck with men is really just her own bad judgment.

Months later, a new relationship with Seth, a charming baseball player, is turning into something more meaningful, but Charlotte???s still having trouble moving past her one enthralling night with Adam. Why? When she searches for answers, she finds the situation with Adam is far more complicated than she ever imagined. Faced with the decision to write a new story with Seth or finish the one started with Adam, Charlotte embarks on a life-altering journey, one that takes her across the world and back again, bringing a lifetime???s worth of pain, joy, and wisdom.

Youth Fantasy Adventure!

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

FREE on Amazon!

Aiden Wainwright was the son of a wagon maker in a small country town where nothing interesting ever happened, until a chance encounter with a strange relic changed him forever. Obsessed with unravelling the mystery of his experience, Aiden turns from his friends and family and studies the arcane arts, discovering within himself a spark of intellect he never imagined. But his resourcefulness and courage are put to the test when he travels to a nearby town in pursuit of answers, and finds the place on the brink of disaster. An ordinary young man with an extraordinary talent, Aiden must marshal his limited resources and ally himself with the desperate locals to thwart a dire plot which threatens the lives of thousands.

Can two strangers pull together against all odds? Or is this mission doomed to fail?

The Navy SEAL's E-Mail Order BrideFREE on Amazon!

Mason Hall, Navy SEAL, knows all about difficult assignments, but his current mission is one for the record books. Not only must he find a wife???and get her pregnant???or forfeit the ranch his family has prized for generations, he must also convince his three brothers to marry, too???before the year is up. Who knew one city girl and three wayward brothers could put up such a fight?

Regan Anderson can???t wait any longer to meet Mr. Right, so she???s taken matters into her own hands. She???s quit her job, given up her nice apartment and undergone all the preliminary appointments to prepare for artificial insemination. Still, becoming a single mother is daunting, so when she spots Mason???s Wife Wanted ad on the Internet one night, she???s ready for a few laughs. She???s sure the ad must be fake, but when Mason answers back, she soon finds herself wanting more than a long distance relationship.

If Mason can just keep her talking until he makes it home from Afghanistan, he???s sure he can convince Regan he???s her man. But when he whisks her off for a trial run in Chance Creek, they???re in for an unpleasant surprise. The ranch is in ruins, the house has been stripped, and they???re going to have to work day and night to beat Mason???s deadline to win it back.

Breathless, a Haunting 66 Laps and Counting!

66 LapsGet it on Amazon!

When a ???friend??? points out Audrey???s first gray hair, she slaps her. The sound echoes, plaguing her with insecurity as she adjusts to being home with a new baby. Then her husband mentors a younger woman at work in the back lots of Hollywood – and Audrey fears the worst. Heartbroken, Audrey sets in motion a chain of events that she cannot control. She swims laps in her backyard pool, trying to make sense of her life. But all the while she is missing the point, swimming in circles. As the tragedy unfolds, she gives up all hope. Ultimately, she finds that only love endures???and dives back in.