A delightful and entertaining story!

Midnight on the MississippiGet it on Amazon!

Midnight on the Mississippi begins the new Secrets of the South Mysteries from bestselling author Mary Ellis. These complex crime dramas follow an investigator???s quest to make the world a better place???solving one case at a time.

New Orleans???Hunter Galen, a stock and securities broker, suspects his business partner, James Nowak, may be involved in embezzling their clients??? money, but he???s reluctant to jeopardize their friendship based on suspicion alone. After James turns up dead, Hunter realizes his unwillingness to confront a problem may have cost James his life.

Nicki Price, a newly minted PI, intends to solve the stockbroker???s murder, recover the missing millions from the client accounts, and establish herself in the career she adores. As she ferrets out fraud and deception at Galen Investments, Hunter???s fianc??e, Ashley Menard, rubs Nicki the wrong way. Nicki doesn???t trust the ostentatious woman with an agenda longer than the Mississippi River. Ashley seems to be hiding something, but is Nicki???s growing attraction to Hunter???a suspected murderer???her true reason for disliking Ashley?

As they encounter sophisticated shell games, blackmail, and murder, Nicki and Hunter???s only option is to turn to God as they search for answers, elude lethal danger, and perhaps discover love along the way.

Recommended scifi novel: Corvette

CorvetteGet it on Amazon!

Thirty years before the start of the Great War, a small starship has a deadly encounter with a massive alien warship on the fringes of the Outer Rim.

When Lieutenant Armon Vance found himself assigned to the oldest ship in the fleet, stationed on the edge of the known galaxy, he figured his Fleet career was over. In fact he was about to embark on the most important mission of his young career and his captain would rely heavily on him to help them get back alive after encountering a massive military warship of the Votainion Armada.

In the spirit of grand Naval adventures of the past, Corvette packs exciting military action into a swiftly moving story of heroics and bravery in deep space.

An extraordinary science fiction fantasy debut from the pen of M.N. Arzu!

UnderneathGet it on Amazon!

An injured merman is found washed up on a beach in Maine. After being brought to a special facility, doctors are at a loss for how to help him. Worse, how are they to keep him away from the eager hands of the military?

One reporter is hot on the trail of what she believes is an elaborate hoax???or the story of a lifetime. A story that has her tracking elusive clues into an ever-growing house of secrets surrounding one of the richest families in New York City.

For merfolk have been hiding in plain sight for centuries, and are now torn between sacrificing one of their own???or telling humanity the truth.

Underneath – A Merfolk Tale is an exceptionally different take on mermaid stories, one that combines the fear of the unknown with the need to protect those we love the most.

Another Cat Flaherty rollercoaster ride filled with thrills and chills!

Murder Strikes TwiceFREE on Amazon!

When her daughter dies in a tragic accident and the daughter???s husband???s second wife does the same, what is Eleanor Johnson to think? The police have ruled both cases accidents and closed them, but something doesn???t feel right. Is it possible to believe that two tragic deaths are mere coincidence, or was something more sinister at play? Who is Eleanor to call? Cat Flaherty.

Murder Strikes Twice, the second book in the Catrina Flaherty Mysteries, is based on an actual case that is still developing.

Catrina, who comes from a long tradition of police officers, joins the Port of Seattle Police Department. After leaving an abusive marriage, her ex-husband uses his position as a police sergeant to launch a campaign of sexual harassment to punish her.

Catrina sues the Police Department and wins the largest class-action sexual harassment settlement in history. She takes the settlement and opens her own Private Investigation agency, dedicating her life to helping other women who have suffered like her.

When Cat starts looking into the Barrett Case, something smells rotten. She and her team scour Seattle for clues as the pieces start falling into place, but can she make a case that the D.A. will take to court? Did Murder Strike Twice or will Brody Barrett get away with killing both of his wives?

Catrina is known for administering vigilante justice. Will Brody finally have to pay for his sins?

If you like Cat Flaherty, you have to read her first book, Mirror Image. Cat is also a major character in the Ted Higuera series of thrillers. Catrina is first introduced in Hacker for Hire and appears in all subsequent Ted Higuera books.

Can Peter save the children? Can the Master be stopped?

The Viking's ApprenticeFREE on Amazon!

What would you do if you discovered nothing was as you thought, and the fate of your friends, perhaps even the world was in your hands?

That???s the reality Peter must face in this award-winning middle Grade adventure, The Viking???s Apprentice.

Campbell???s Cove is a small town surrounded in mystery and intrigue. The history of the Cove tells us of dragons, trolls, goblins and the evil Master who stole children, livestock and, strangest of all, eggs from the Cove every year. Aided by the hideous monster, Tolldruck there seemed no stopping their evil plan.

That was until, centuries ago, a Viking warrior came to Campbell???s Cove and vowed to rid it of all evil, and claim the prize offered by the mysterious church elders. The Viking succeeded and everything returned to normal. The evil was gone, and Campbell???s Cove was safe again??? Until now.

Voted #1 ‘Smart Novels to Read Your Kids’

When Peter and George visit Peter???s Granddad???s amazing mansion in Campbell???s Cove for the summer holidays they had no idea it would change their lives forever. Deep beneath them in the caves of the Cove an evil has returned, an evil which threatens to destroy everything they believed to be true about the world.

Peter must learn who he really is, and what he must do to save the children of the Cove. Together with George and his Granddad they go on an adventure that reveals secrets, test friendships and confronts their biggest fears. Can Peter save the children? Can the Master be stopped? Find out in The Viking???s Apprentice.

A book you’ll want to read from beginning to end without stopping!

First BornGet it on Amazon!

The chase is on for nineteen-year-old Tarian Prescott after narrowly escaping an air strike on the Entente Military Academy. His rescuer, Audrey, a fierce fighter and beautiful immortal, may be the only person he can trust to save his life. Taken to the magical hidden village of the Guardians of Dare, he learns the truth about his father, his immortal DNA and his beloved nation, the Entente.

Tarian discovers he is the first immortal to be born in over 500 years, and now someone hunts him for his precious DNA. With only days to train and develop his immortal gifts, he struggles both physically and emotionally, balancing the truth he must keep secret from his family and girlfriend with the duty of saving not only himself but also his kind and his homeland. If he and Audrey fail to find the killer and maker of the Death Serum, all immortals will die, and the government will lose its greatest asset.

First Born???s popularity is growing steadily on Goodreads with high ratings and reviews. Love and betrayal weave into the fast-paced adventure set in a future North America on the brink of a border war. It is capturing the teen and adult audience with thrilling action, complicated characters, clever historical references and twisting plot revelations.

Loving him could destroy her???

The WhispererGet it on Amazon!

High school teacher Cilla Stevens has always been different, especially in how she connects with animals. When she calms a stray dog during an incident at school, she???s asked to help a nearby farm with a difficult horse.

Cameron Rahl has had a very different relationship with animals since his mother died in a horse riding accident. But now he’s inherited his family???s farm, he’s determined to never let anyone affect him that way again.

Until he meets Cilla. He tries to stay away from the gorgeous horse whisperer with the potential to tame him, but something keeps pulling him close. And as much as Cilla tells herself she can keep it casual, she knows they’re too connected to be ‘just a fling.’

Will Cilla’s heart win out? Or will it take history repeating itself for Cameron to realise just how much he needs her?

She’s a rocker with attitude and ink… He’s a sexy suit who gets what he wants!

Beautiful CrazyFREE on Amazon!

“You confound me. You’re all these maddening contradictions that don’t make any sense… And I can’t get enough of your special brand of beautiful crazy.”

Kevan Landry is trying to keep her life on track and her brother in rehab. If her fledgling marketing firm can sign the hot new band, Manix Curse, it will make a world of difference. Mason Dillon heads the most successful music PR firm in Portland. He’s desperate to breathe new life into the company by signing Manix Curse.

The last thing either one needs is a one-night stand with a smoldering stranger…

The stakes are high when a battle for the band???in the bedroom and the boardroom???becomes a battle of the heart. But if these two can set aside their differences, they may find they’re the right mix of sexy savvy to conquer both their worlds.

Rock ‘n’ Ink series:
Beautiful Crazy (Book 1)
Beautiful Mess (coming March 2017)
Beautiful Wreck (coming Fall 2017)

Praise for Beautiful Crazy:

“Vibrant and sexy! The chemistry between Kevan and Mason is explosive and I was cheering for their happy ever after from page one.”???Stefanie London, USA Today bestselling author of the Dangerous Bachelors Club series

“Get ready for your new auto-buy author! Kasey Lane’s debut hits all the high notes in this rock-infused love story! I loved it!”???Megan Crane, USA Today bestselling author of Edge of Control and Devil’s Honor

“A scorching-hot love story, Kasey Lane gives readers a rockin’ romance that sings!”???Marie Harte, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Body Shop Bad Boys series

Beautiful Crazy is like driving a vintage convertible in August???hot to the touch and sexy as hell!”???Kaylie Newell, author of the Wolfe Creek series


A compelling, vivid and brilliant story!

NelsonFREE on Amazon!

It is 1782 and England???s Royal Navy rules the waves. But one impatient young captain is far from happy merely policing the maritime highways.

???We need some action, Tim, some proper action with steel and smoke and powder. Blood and Glory, Hastie! That is what we need.???

These are the words and dreams of the young Horatio Nelson, whose lust for war and honour is so consuming he is even prepared to disobey the orders of his Admiralty and Government superiors.

Nelson: The Powder Keg is the third in a series by Jan Needle that looks at some of the lesser known and sometimes shocking exploits of the Norfolk clergyman???s son before he became one of the country’s most iconic heroes.

Once again, the story is recounted by his friend Tim Hastie, who this time joins him on board the 28-gun former French frigate the Albemarle.

To his dismay Nelson ??? health ravaged by years in the disease-ridden tropics ??? is sent on escort duty in the icy Baltic, and from there to Canada with bullion to pay the British Army in Quebec, where his ship???s sails get frozen to the yards.

With the American War of Independence over, it is all too tame for Horatio, who is desperate to seek glory on the Caribbean Station.

When he finally gets there, and the French invade Turk???s Island, the intensely patriotic Nelson can???t believe his luck ??? until his own counter-invasion goes horribly wrong.

Returning to Britain, half in disgrace and with a wife most men think tragically unsuitable, he is on the verge of giving up the sea ??? or even, horror of horrors, joining the French Navy!

The hated French, however, are his saviours.

For it is now the 1790s, and the French Revolution has torn a gash in Europe.

The growing chaos of their revolution reignites the war between the two countries, and Nelson, appointed to command the Agamemnon, finds himself in the Mediterranean, where his destiny takes some unexpected turns.

One of them is his meeting with a beautiful young woman.

She is called Emma Hamilton.

Praise for Jan Needle:

‘Brilliant. I found myself being drawn back into that twilight world again, despite myself. I was grossly entertained and thrilled… [Jan Needle] is a rare talent.’ Jimmy Boyle

‘A thundering great novel. What’s really amazing is how much he seems to know about so many different things…what more could you want from a thriller? A cracking good read.’ Tony Parker, New Statesman & Society

‘So topical…[Needle] develops a complex, ingenious plot at breakneck speed and has a sharp underdog’s eye.’ John McVicar, Time Out

‘Compelling, vivid, racy…describes with unnerving prescience just what is going on…it will appeal equally to conspiracy and cock-up theorists.’ Guardian

‘Recalls the golden age of British investigative reporting: hard-hitting, crusading, alarming prescience.’ The Times

Jan Needle was born in Portsmouth and after a spell in journalism took a degree in drama at Manchester University where he started writing plays for stage, TV and radio, then novels for adults and children. He has had more than 40 books published including versions of Moby Dick and other classics aimed at opening up this sometimes heavy-going world to a new generation. The other books in the young Horatio series are Nelson: The Poisoned River set in South America and Nelson: The Dreadful Havoc, set in the West Indies.