Scales of Darkness (The Tharon Trace Mysteries Book 2)

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The Second Civil War looms over twelve-year-old Tharon Trace???s family and close knit group of friends in rural Indiana. She fears she hasn???t heard the last of her abductors. Marty Philips is still at large. Three years later, the war drags on and Tharon becomes convinced that someone still wants to capture her. She believes that her family will be in danger as long as she remains with them. Will she have the courage to leave the people she loves behind in order to protect them? Helm Harris and Kaid Walker suspect Tharon plans to leave and they aren???t about to let her out of their sight. What sacrifice will her friends make to protect her?

Incredible, outstanding, dazzling, marvelous, and touching!

Firefly BeachFREE on Amazon!

When Beth LaMonte rents a cottage on the coast of Maine, she wishes only to withdraw and paint. A mysterious ball of light disturbs her peace and leads her to a secret beach where she finds the diary of a girl who disappeared in 1975. Now Beth is on a mission, not only to bury her own past, but to put to rest the spirit of Firefly Beach.

A tale of love and deadly obsession!

“A tale of love and deadly obsession.”

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At twenty one, Sophie has already endured enough pain and heartache to last two lifetimes. All she wants to do is create a normal, comfortable life for herself. She goes to college, works part-time, and leads a quiet, ordinary routine.

So why is she so obsessed with Rooter, the alleged ???vicious criminal??? next door? She watches as he comes and goes. Watches him play with his pit bull. Watches him hang out in his backyard with other alleged criminals.

When Sophie???s roommate, Mike, attacks her in a fit of jealous rage, Rooter comes to her rescue. Sophie quickly falls for Rooter, but he makes it clear she???s better off without him. He???s the worst kind of guy???Dangerous???and she???s a good girl.

When she???s attacked yet again, Rooter swoops in and saves her and finally admits his feelings for her. They embark on a passionate romance, but his secrecy, controlling tendencies, and crazy ex-friend-with-benefits threaten to tear them apart.

Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, Sophie is accused of a brutal crime that pits Rooter against her. When Mike???s infatuation turns into a deadly obsession, will he be there to save her?

It takes Action to change your LIFE!

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This short read is to all the professionals and career-persons, who have spent time building other peoples’ dreams and are ready to launch their own legacy but a little perturbed as to the next steps, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, a bestselling author, an Award Winning Screenwriter, and Creative Entrepreneurs’ Vision Midwife welcomes you to the rest of your lives…

If you are tired of the 9-5 RAT RACE and you are ready to step into your destiny, this is for you. If you are exhausted of being passed over for promotion, and you truly believe you have a purpose beyond your JOB, welcome to the community???a community of fearless visionaries who have determined to live life full and leave it empty.

Quit Your Job in 90 Days is no gimmick! It will challenge you to take a hard look at how you have come thus far; it will cause you to unveil the secrets behind your current status. it will demand of you honesty but most of all, it will require your utmost commitment to your greatness.

Get ready to discover the 7 distinct steps needed to quit that job and build a profitable business empire!

Recommended supernatural horror story: Dark Arts

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Maxwell, a guitarist whose band is coming off the road under discouraging circumstances, has come to a crossroad. The minimal success his band, Road Craft, has had is being smothered by an era where bars are becoming discos, and live entertainment is being replaced by larger dance floors. They scored a small record deal years before, but the excitement has cooled, and they never got much radio play.

The only hope he has of financing his future rests in a book he hunted down using contacts and skills he learned from his father, who was an expert at acquiring rare occult objects. Max is not a believer in mysticism, but he knows what he has was hard to get, and should be worth thousands. When he’s told it’s too hot to sell, his dreams are crushed, and his wallet is left empty. He’ll have to tell his band mates that his plan has fallen through, and they have come to the end of the road.

The members of Road Craft are set to return home during a Pagan summer festival called The Gathering, where hundreds of people gather to celebrate music, nature, and each other. The Gathering also puts him nose to nose with Miranda, a woman Maxwell knew when they were children, a veteran of the New York Rock scene and his equal.

He doesn’t know it yet, but this is the event that will make him a believer in the occult, and he will have some choices to make. All the while, there are people who know he has the book, and they are determined to twist the knowledge it contains to a terrible purpose, to break the circle of life, making resurrections possible, to open the door between the living and the dead just enough to embrace forbidden power. Their selfish intent would disrupt the natural order enough to change the world, and not for the better.

Maxwell’s music career is about to be the least of his worries.

A beautiful, captivating, and deeply moving love story!

Join Ryan and Julia on the beginning of the journey that has made Kahlen Aymes’??The??Remembrance Trilogy an international bestselling favorite among her readers.????And so??? The Mad, Mad Love Begins…

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When Ryan Matthews meets Julia Abbott at Stanford University, he immediately knows she will change his life.?? Their instant, unbreakable connection goes beyond partying and casual friendship. Although Ryan???s intelligence and good looks land him any girl he wants, he hesitates to act on his palpable attraction for Julia because she is quickly becoming the bestfriend he???s ever had.

As the bond between them grows stronger, they are both forced to watch the other cavort with the opposite sex and are unprepared for the deluge of painful emotions they feel. Ryan is consumed with jealousy, and Julia???s heart is aching; yet they refuse to take the chance that could mean the loss of the very person they couldn’t bear to lose. Though their love could be incomparable, their friendship is priceless; and something neither is willing to sacrifice.

Recommended romantic comedy: Enduring the Wild Sparks

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Hadley Beckett has a long way to go on the heartbreaking and unforgiving road to redemption. As she continues to recover, her family and friends rally around her, each having their own idea about how to help Hadley heal, as honest or misguided they may be.

Hang on for this uncertain journey with Hadley as she discovers truths she never knew existed, and uncovers lies she thought were her reality. Through all the hardship, she’ll find this isn’t the finale for her. It’s a fresh start. Yet, after the catastrophic end she had feared for three years came true, a fresh start may be an unexpected ignition to a new explosion, learning the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and sticks of dynamite.

Great beginning to a fascinating new series by Elizabeth Kelly!

The RecruitFREE on Amazon!

Hannah Torrington lives a perfectly normal and ordinary life until the night her sister is murdered by vampires.

Saved by a Lycan named Will and thrust into a world she never knew existed, Hannah is taken to a secret facility that trains men and women to hunt vampires.

Determined to take her revenge for her sister???s death, Hannah joins the recruit program. As she is pushed to the brink of physical and mental exhaustion by the intense training, she fights her forbidden attraction to her instructor Will and struggles to adjust to her new life.

Please Note: This is Book One of a trilogy and contains a cliff-hanger ending. It contains explicit and steamy sex scenes that may not be your cup of tea. It is intended for mature readers only.

Full of excitement right up to the last page!

No steps on the snowGet it on Amazon!

Francesco, a brilliant middle-aged oncologist signs in a social network while surfing the Internet. He bumps into the profile of the girl he was desperately in love with during High School ???68, when a horrible homicide happened and the guilty was never to be found. His destiny intertwines in an unpredictable way with that of the girl, now a mature woman. Desperate passions and deep loves of a generation belonging to the past. A thriller that leads to a stunning end.

An erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet!

The Passion to LoveGet it on Amazon!

The third book in the erotic adventure series The Passions

Eva’s journey is not yet over. She has to go to Russia to save Anatoly, and she has to do it alone. Will Ethan allow her to embark on this journey? What has happened to Anatoly? And how will the group of survivors deal with a huge challenge threatening to tear apart their fragile existence that they have worked so hard to achieve?

An erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet!

In this third book of the ‘Passions’ series, an erotic romance and exciting adventure that will sweep you off your feet, the new family members experience surprising challenges, unexpected encounters and a whirlwind of feelings that teach them all about the power of love. When the world as we know it comes to an end all that is left is the passion to survive. When the new world is created, we must fight for the passion to live. And when we realize that life is stronger than all else, we are propelled by the passion to love!