Abednego: Book 1 of the Guardians Series!


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Abednego, as the first book of the Guardians Series, tries to introduce the different races and realms of the Guardians, primarily through the frightened and bewildered eyes of Samantha “Sam” Trent. When she meets Abednego, the interrogator and his organization are all she knows about Guardians or Nephilim, and she is understandably vehemently opposed to Abednego claiming her as his “keeper” or mate, a role that has more to do with accountability than the romance Sam immediately assumed it entailed. As the descendants of Angels, the Guardians aren’t offered salvation, so they each have a “keeper” who can invoke their name and take away their free will temporarily so they don’t fall into evil ways.

Of course, each Guardian she meets has a different philosophy on what exactly a mate’s responsibilities are, and even how appropriate it is to use someone’s name when they aren’t your keeper. More importantly, they each have to ask if a human mate can be trusted to weild the power of a Horse Lord’s name.

Abednego isn’t quite as far behind since he knew other Guardians centuries ago before the Hunts of the Middle Ages demolished his people and sent the other races into hiding. But a lot has happened in the time since, and worse, he has no idea what to do with a human mate.

That is, assuming the others’ antics don’t ruin what little chance he has left.

Great story that will draw you in and not let you go!

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SCHISM is the first book in a new dystopian trilogy by a truly unique author. It tells a tale of survival, of good versus evil, and of constructing a future with only memories of childhood.

A virus, created by the smartest minds in the United States government, which is meant to target male adults in times of war, is accidentally released before testing is complete. Within weeks six billion people are eliminated from the world. The only survivors are prepubescent children.

Five years after this catastrophic event, a young girl named Andy Christensen and her two friends are forced to leave their home in Bermuda and return to the North American continent. There, they discover that America is wild and chaotic, and people have instituted a ???survival of the fittest??? mentality. Andy and her friends soon band together with fellow survivors in search for a new place to call home.

Lion of Caledonia is a standalone story with a happily-ever-after ending!

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A caged man looking for escape. A woman in disguise searching for a precious jewel. Two lovers destined to destroy each other or tear apart the bonds of the past.

Jennet Douglas doesn???t do anything other than play it safe. Learning to be passive gained her a foothold in her grandfather???s house and it???s become a solid habit. But the burning, passionate nature she refuses to acknowledge has finally met its match. A match that lights a fire inside her she can???t deny.

Cameron Steward lives for adventure. Getting stuck in the wilds of Scotland, with an angry son who hates him, wasn???t part of his plan. But a crazy, dead wife and a demanding, dead mother had other ideas and now, here he is???desperate to find something to alight his interest once more.

With Jennet tied to a family demand to steal and Cameron bound by long held beliefs, both are caught in a maze of past hurts and future fears. Only the flash of a match made in heaven can light the flame of love in their souls.

Lion of Caledonia is a standalone story with a happily-ever-after ending. It???s part of the captivating International Billionaires series???books that take well-loved stories and place them in exotic locales. If you love a touch of gothic in your romance and fell in love with Jane Eyre long ago, this story will whisk you into pure pleasure. Visit a hulking mansion in the depths of Scotland, enjoy sailing on a loch, and dancing around a May pole.

Leap through the centuries, history and adventures!

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Merlin is a good looking woman and madly in love with Arthur, but that???s only the start of the story.

Tertia, Unita and Marlene know what they want to be… detectives with a difference. Bored with the lack of opportunity in 5th century Camelot they start up the Temporal Detective Agency and use the great Merlin???s Time Portal to relocate from Camelot to the 21st century mostly because the cases are more interesting, but also because the toilet facilities are so much better.

Things start slowly until one Sunday morning Tertia finds herself replacing Nelson???s statue in Trafalgar Square, involved in the thefts of the Koh-i-noor diamond and the Mona Lisa. The Agency follows the trail to South Wales in 1734 where they come up against a gang of vicious smugglers and deadly ship wreckers led by their deadliest and most unexpected enemy.

Help comes from an unexpected source, but the Temporal Detective Agency???s first case could prove to be their last!

A funny and sexy novel!

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They don’t call me Thick Rick for nothing.
I get paid to screw because I’m the best at it, and nobody is gonna stop me, especially Beth. She’s my type, and I’ve got her crawlin’ up the walls for me, but I’m drawing it out until she can’t stand it no more. If she wants to write a story about Thick Rick, she’s gonna have to work good and hard to get it.

He has 199 tally marks tattooed on his back. I have no intention of becoming number 200.
I’m only taking this story because I need the money. I don’t want anything to do with a pornstar, especially one as greasy and rude as Rick. Ever since he found out I was a virgin, he’s been doing everything he can to sleep with me. I want it, but is it worth giving it up to someone like Rick?

What starts as a simple article about the porn industry turns into something much deeper and more complicated. When Beth asks Rick to teach her about sex, he’s more than willing to dive right in. Can things between Thick Rick and Beth remain physical?

This 50,000 word novel is a standalone with a guaranteed happily ever after. All characters are over the age of eighteen and are consenting adults.