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An action packed adventure with amazing magic!

Soleil Burns works for the Bureau of Exorcism. Paired up with a US Marshals Fugitive Recovery Team they will try to bring back an escaped convict possessed by a demon and hiding in the slums of Chicago.

It immediately becomes apparent that there is more going on than a simple case of a possessed escaped convict. The entire Division of Magic in Chicago has also been possessed. It’s a feat that could only have been accomplished by a very powerful witch or wizard.

As Soleil digs deeper into the mass possession of a critical part of the police department, she will need all her skills as an exorcist and an investigator. It will also require an open heart and some sage advice from friends and family, to help her face down some of the most powerful beings she has ever dealt with. Both human and demonic.


Fascinating & Thought Provoking!

Are You Still Mine? is a fresh and deeply fascinating take on one of the most controversial historical mysteries ever debated: The love story of Jesus and Mary Magdalen. We’ve all seen the breadcrumbs of clues and evidence strung throughout the ages that have kept the question of their love alive, but never put together transcendentally as a timeless solution to the corrupt and outdated patriarchal religious institutions of today. This Primordial Gnosis, which has been relentlessly attacked is finally being presented to the modern world as a means of liberating the spirit of human kind and waking us up out of fear and into enlightenment. Take a bite out of this apple and not only be introduced to your transcendental consciousness, but experience the transfiguration of your heart into the aureole of something more than human, something entirely spiritual.


Action and adventure!

It is 1943 and WW II is raging. A B-17 pilot renews a lost romance during a stay in an army hospital. His college sweetheart is now an Army nurse. She faces incredible challenges daily while he flies dangerous bombing missions over enemy territory. Blasted from the sky, he must elude the Germans and return to England. Their sizzling romance and undefined future stimulate their personal strengths. He risks death every day, believing her eternal love will always be his own. Will they finally reunite and survive the heartbreak of war unharmed, or will the horrors they face every day change them too much?

Their love is irresistible—Their wartime dangers are inescapable!


Recommended reading! Forged in Fire (Awakened by Terror Book 1)

Bell was ugly, dirty, and mean. If he had left me alone, the others would never have known I was there. I was terrified of him, yet more terrified of not being beside him. He made promises when he kidnapped me, to protect me from the others and take me home once his drug deal with the biker gang was done. The others let it be known that at any opportunity, they would rape, torture me, and kill me. Every concept of the life I’d lived was destroyed, had to be for me to survive. Oscillating back and forth from trusting Bell, believing he would take me home, to hating and wanting to see him dead, I battled with never before experienced emotions. He hurt me a little, to save me from worse, or so he claimed. I responded to him, telling myself I had to, not that he made me hot and wanting.


Helpful resource for teachers, parents, and children

Have You Or Someone You Know Ever Been Bullied?

If “YES”, School and My Bully Experience, A New Anti-Bullying Book, is the perfect read.

“School and My Bully Experience”, a new book about combating bullying by author Frank Joseph Minichetti, blends delightful stories with helpful tips for middle schoolers and young adults who may feel like they are alone or afraid and are in need of help.

Join Joseph Minnow as he travels back in time to the year 1965, to his early years in school and his various encounters with bullies. Most of Joseph’s memories are happy ones; however, bullies have inflicted their damage and left some rather bad memories, too.

Thirteen-year old Joseph is good-natured, extremely timid and very trusting of everyone. Given these personality traits, Joseph soon discovers he is the perfect target for bullies, like the mean-spirited Butch Barotti, his first bully encounter. Joseph feels like he has a sign on his back, “Please Bully Me.” However, being bullied is not Joseph’s only concern, he also has to deal with his 8th grade teacher, the dreaded Sister Superior, who rules her class with an iron first. Despite her diminutive stature (four foot, five inches tall), Sister is terrifying. Wearing a black habit, her eyes are dark black, like the eyes you see on some stuffed animals, and her voice is a high-pitched shrill comparable to the mythological monster “the Banshee.” The students called her “TNT.” (For the unfamiliar, TNT is a highly explosive substance). School and My Bully Experience contain stories detailing the numerous antics of Sister Superior and other teachers that have a major impact on Joseph and his classmates.

After graduating from 8th grade, Joseph encounters new challenges in high school. In fact, the young man must deal with a whole new wave of bullies. He is presented with the opportunity to face his fears and overcome his shy and timid personality by standing up to and fighting his nemesis, the bully Xavier Steele (alias, Xman). This is Joseph’s first fight, which has a surprise ending that leaves his friends and classmates shaking their heads in disbelief. He experiences other firsts as well, his first dance, first class trip, first job, first boy/girl party, and more importantly to a young boy his first girlfriend and first kiss. Unfortunately, Joseph realizes that bullies will inevitably have a negative impact on most of his firsts.

School and My Bully Experience tells the story of Joseph Minnow as he goes through adolescence into young adulthood. Eventually, the story morphs into the present time when Joseph becomes a father and works as a substitute teacher. As an adult, Joseph realizes that bullying has reached epidemic proportions and discovers that his daughter Emma has also become a victim. Moreover, he is dismayed when he witnesses the latest form of bullying – “Cyberbullying.” Now anyone can become a bully. The Internet can empower people and encourage cruel, thoughtless behavior, like the “Cyber Girls”, a group of teens that ban together to bully others.

Although bullying is a serious subject, School and My Bully Experience contains funny and moving stories, while highlighting the quirky characteristics and unique personalities of people who played pivotal roles in Joseph’s journey. Finally, School and My Bully Experience addresses such topics as “Why People Bully” and “What To Do If You Become a Victim.” It is this combination that young readers will find both entertaining and informative, which makes School and My Bully Experience unique amongst books written on this subject.

GRAB YOUR KINDLE COPY TODAY! “School and My Bully Experience” is a chapter book written for ages 9-13, and for the young at heart who want to help themselves or someone they know rise above the personal struggle of being bullied.

An adult, romantic comedy about love, lust, heartache and redemption!

Archie is no hero, but there are no villains in this story either, with the occasional exception of Archie’s ego.

Archibald Lindsey is just 36 hours from saying his vows to his betrothed and he is haunted by the memory of every member of the opposite sex that he has ever known. He still has so much to do before the big moment, but he can’t concentrate for the unwelcome and unavoidable trip down memory lane. He keeps asking himself how he even got here and if there is anything he ever learned about women over the years to reassure him he isn’t making a big mistake.


A fine romance and mystery!

An unconventional widow with a secret . . .

Lady Julia Lacey’s world collapsed when her abusive husband dragged her from India back to England after a tragic loss. Following his death, she turned her palatial home into a sanctuary for battered wives while she withdrew to quiet seclusion. When a letter bearing joyous news arrives from Calcutta, she vows to return to India to reclaim what she lost, but moving there requires funds. She won’t liquidate her estate, though, until she finds a new refuge for her guests. The insufferable, albeit attractive, vicar she grudgingly appointed to the parish living, has reluctantly offered his help, even though he considers her a raging heretic. She accepts his assistance warily because that means spending time with him. And unfortunately, he’s the one person who reminds her that she’s still a woman.

A devoted holy man with a broken heart . . .

Mr. Charles Rodman’s heart was ripped from his chest years ago by his unfaithful wife. When she died, he resolved to bury his pain with her memory. Now, the staid widower wants nothing more than to minister to his new flock, including his exasperating but beautiful patroness. Though he’s given up trying to convince the impertinent apostate to return to the fold, he still finds himself entangled with her when he’s unexpectedly volunteered to help her raise money for a shelter for abused women. As a servant of God, he must help her, but the last thing he wants is to be around her because she’s the one person who makes him uncomfortably aware that he’s a man.

Can they work together without getting burned?

Despite their mutual antagonism, Charles and Julia’s equally mutual attraction heats up when a fiery kiss unleashes a searing passion. Can she allow him into her heart, or would he only break it if he learned her secret? Can he ever trust another woman again, especially this one, or is she too much like his late wife?


NEW RELEASE! Heroes of Afflatus: Book 1 The Circle of Trust

Jared (Jay) Swagger has a pretty good life. He’s a great lacrosse player, he has an amazing girlfriend, and a secret world he gets to have adventures in. However, after Holly Fitts kisses him after his team won the lacrosse match, his girlfriend, Avery Noble, refuses to speak to him. And when adventure calls for a Truth Wizard in Afflatus, Avery leaves Jared behind. Jared is heartbroken. But the next day Carson, the crown prince of Afflatus, tells him that Avery has gone missing and that Jared needs to find her and rescue her from the land of the dwarves. Jared’s good friend and teammate, Garon Miller, tags along and he learns a lot about himself too. Most importantly, it is important to be true to ourselves. Once in the land of dwarves, they find that the evil spirit Depravity has been at work, stirring up dissension and war. The only way to bring peace is to find Avery and recreate the Circle of Trust. But this becomes increasingly difficult because they find out that Avery is seriously injured, and the Molpen, part mole, part human, beings are trying to stop them. Can Jared find Avery, restore her to health, and save the dwarves before Depravity accomplishes his goal to total annihilate the dwarves?


Tales of Nash

Triumph or tragedy? For seventeen-year-old Nash,
the summer was both.

At first, leaving his friends in Portland to live in the woods seemed like a horrible idea. Who lives without television, video games, and the internet? But, with patience and guidance from his grandfather, the beauty of nature casts its spell, and Nash flourishes like the garden under his care. But when Nash is arrested and accused of murder, he is paralyzed by fear and doubt. Did he make the biggest mistake of his life? He must decide whether to tell the truth about what happened, or say nothing and let a jury decide.


Much entertaining and very realistic!

The days went by quickly with my two best friends by my side. I was healthier than I’d been for a long time. The doctor even authorized the removal of my neck trach. When I wasn’t trying to catch up with work from class, I enjoyed a little downtime with Jen while Sara caught a few zees on the mattress in the corner of the room. Jen and I liked watching movies on her phone. One evening, we were following a television show where contestants had to make meals out of a random section of items, like hot dogs with caviar and cotton candy. Though my cystic fibrosis usually did a number on my appetite, I watched the chefs at work, marinating and grilling. One chef even wrapped his cut of meat in puff pastry. I was becoming genuinely hungry. On another preparation table, the contestants were forced to cook bison with quinoa, saffron cookies, and guava.

“Sean, if you stop drooling on my shoulder, I’ll get you a candy bar.”

“I want to try bison someday. I think it would be like beef but better.”

“Same here, except that I hate the idea of death; I hate giant roasted animals—”

“What, like blue whales? Mammoths?”

Jen rolled her eyes. “No, I mean whole chicken, whole fish, or whole anything-that-looks-like-a-corpse. I love how dead cow is called beef, and the dead baby cow is called veal. Helps us humans forget they were ever living creatures, or that they’d ever experienced thought or emotion.”

“Fish is fish and chicken is chicken,” I pointed out. “And thanks to you, I’ll have to fall asleep contemplating the deep thoughts of farm animals.”

“Sorry, not sorry.”

“I really want to try bison. How are you with steaks?”

Jen smiled. “Okay-ish. I guess I’ll take a vow to eat bison with you someday.” She ran her fingers through my hair. Jen’s face was already so close to mine. She turned and our lips touched, once then twice. I closed my eyes. I had kissed a lot of girls, but Jen was different. Her touch was pure love. “Open your eyes, Sean,” Jen whispered, caressing my face. “I want to see those beautiful eyes.”

I obliged, cupping her face as our lips met for one long sexy kiss.