How to give a gift of your work y How to receive an Amazon gift
How to give a gift of your work
You must be logged in to your Amazon author account.
Select “Email the Gift Directly,” enter the selected reader's e-mail address and select “Now.” The e-mail address used should be the one the reader provided in The Books Machine when you accepted the reader's application, unless you have arranged with the reader to use a different e-mail address.
Lastly, indicate the recipient, your name, and a brief message.
You can click “Preview” to see how the message will be viewed by the recipient and then select
“Place Your Order” to send the free read.
Preview gift message
Screen will appear after you have sent the gift. Now you're done!
From the option “Your Account,” “Your Orders,” “Digital Orders,” you can view the books that you have sent.
How to receive an Amazon gift
When the author sends you a gift through Amazon you will receive an e-mail like this:
Click on “Get Your Gift Now” and you will be directed to the user page. If you are an existing Amazon user, you will select the “Sign In” option, or you may register a new account quickly and easily. Once this step is complete, you will be redirected to the page from which you can receive your gift.
To receive your gift click “Accept Kindle Gift” and select the device to which you would like the book delivered. If you prefer to read the gifted book from your computer, click here to install a Kindle application for your computer. Once your Kindle app is installed you can select your PC from the option “Deliver to” and you will receive the book through the Kindle application on your PC.
Final screen after you have received your gift. If your device is connected to the internet you will receive your copy of the book the author has gifted you within minutes!
From the option “Your Account”, “Your Orders” and “Digital Orders,”
you can view the books you have been sent.