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Kindle Daily Deals Package:

  • Promotion of your Kindle Daily Deal in the newsletter that is sent to our readers on the day agreed.

  • New! Readers will be able to access an excerpt of your book directly from the Newsletter. The excerpt will be displayed on a page specially customized. This is a layout example that the readers will see if they click on the link "Read an excerpt here..." within the Newsletter:
    Excerpt example

  • Facebook Post before our +25k fans readers, including your book cover and the link to our Special Deals section.

  • Publication of your book cover, description, and Amazon link in our Special Deals section on our site for five days. You can see our Today's Daily Deals on

The full pack is on promotion and contains the three types of combined advertising for the day agreed upon.

Regular Price: USD 35.-

+ Newsletter Excerpt: USD 10.-

Special discount promotion: USD 20.-

Kindle Daily Deals Package + Blog Post:

  • The same Kindle Daily Deals Package features and one exclusive post of your title in our Blog with the direct link of your book on Amazon.

Regular Price: USD 55.-
Special discount promotion: USD 29.90.-

The following is an example of how your book would be presented:
Newsletter / Daily Deals Examples

Facebook Post Example

Once your payment has been processed, you will be redirected by Paypal to a form to fill in all the information we need in
order to prepare your Book Deal Promotion. It can be completed at that time or later, at your convenience.

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Disclaimer: The person who contracts our services must declare that he or she is the real owner of the literary work for which
we create marketing and design material. We only accept works that respect existing laws.

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